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Reset trigger for Glock 9 mm / 40 S&W Gen 4, Laser Ammo

Laser Ammo reset trigger for Glock Gen4 in caliber 9mm Luger, .40SW and others. Designed for thearmed forces, shooting clubs, and anyone who wants to train well. Description
250,74 €


Reset trigger for Glock /">Glock 9mm /40S&W Gen 4, Laser Ammo

Training with laser cartridges Laser Ammo has many advantages. But it also has several limitations, particularly then with mechanisms used by pistols such as the Glock. While the trigger is tensioned automatically when shooting real ammunition, this is of course not possible with laser cartridges.

In the case of training the first shot, this is not a major problem, but when shooting at multiple targets, or when shooting on a software simulator, constantly stretching the conclusion is undesirable. The solution is the Laser Ammo reset trigger, thanks to which it is not necessary to stretch the breech.

The advanced user can install the reset trigger himself. Installation instructions are included in the package.

Please make sure to always check the compatibility of your components while choosing any kind of equipment for laser-based practice of shooting.

  • Glock pistol 4 generations
  • Caliber 9 mm / 40 S&W / 357 SIG / 45 GAP
  • Laser cartridges Laser Ammo
  • Modified striker
  • Modified trigger house
  • Modified shutter release

The Laser Ammo reset trigger provides consistent and relatively realistic trigger resistance. With its help you can shoot lasers quickly.


Item number LA-GRT - C
EAN 8599999490685
Brand Laser Ammo


User's Guide (pdf) Download
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Hamberger V.
Hamberger V.
Absolutely great for drying, only a little space is needed and it obviously brought results.
  • When drying with a Glock, it's an absolute blast, I don't have to constantly cock the bolt after every shot. Change components in 2 minutes. And then just dry and dry.
  • A lot more drag than I'm set for normal wear, but nothing major.
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Item Reset trigger for Glock 9 mm / 40 S&W Gen 4, Laser Ammo is in stock and we can ship it today. You can get it for 250,74 € incl. VAT.

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