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Knives and tools BCB

BCB International started in 1854 when its founder Dr. Brown was placing cough syrups on the market. The syrups were delivered - among others - to British soldiers during the Crimean War. Starting 1952 the company produces top products for survival in various crisis situations, it is the world leader in this area. The company has many awards, including the Queen Awards for Export Achievement. Its  reliable and top quality products are used e.g. in the British Army. BCB is very innovative, its main mission is to protect health and lives, including the most hostile environments like jungle, mountains or desert. The BCB products are appreciated by armed forces officers, as well as mountaineers, preppers and fans of outdoor activities and extreme sports. From the BCB portfolio, we can recommend survival kits, first-aid kits and and medical needs, camouflage creams, fishing equipment, cooking sets and othe outdoor and tactical equipment.

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Řazení: Best selling
Řazení: Best selling
Commando wire saw with Rings, BCB

Commando wire saw with Rings, BCB

The BCB Commando wire saw is a simple ring saw. This saw cuts wood, plastic and bones. Versions with end rings.
In stock > 5 pcs 7,71 €
Pocket Survival Tool, BCB

Pocket Survival Tool, BCB

The multifunctional outdoor card from BCB is packed with features and fits in your wallet.
In stock > 5 pcs 4,43 €
Commando Chain Saw, BCB

Commando Chain Saw, BCB

The Commando is ideal for trips, hikes or even garden work. It cuts on both sides, so it's very easy and fast to work with. Thanks to its dimensions you get…
In stock > 5 pcs 24,34 €


Can you imagine working in nature, slicing meat or camping without quality tools? Not sure how to choose them? In our range we offer various tools from compact pocket folding knives to machetes for the most demanding work.


The history of the Gerber brand dates back to 1939, when it was engaged in the production of handmade knives offered as gift items. After 70 years, it has become one of the most important companies producing not only knives, but also tool pliers, machetes and saws. We must also not forget Gerber's connection with a former member of the British SAS - Edward Michael "Bear" Grylls. Thanks to this, we can offer you survival items that are specially designed for survival in the wild. In addition, Armed represents the Gerber brand - if you are interested in wholesale cooperation, contact us.


The Cold Steel brand has been on the market since 1980 and has earned the look of today's knives, that have played in many American films. The goal of the Cold Steel manufacturer is the production of robust and perfectly sharp folding knives and knives with a fixed blade. The brand has introduced many innovations to the market, including craton anti-slip handles, Tanto blades inspired by Japanese katanas, and the patented Tri-Ad Lock locking mechanism.


Precisely elaborated details, durability, originality and practicality - these are knives from the Swiss manufacturer Victorinox. The best known products are multi-purpose knives equipped with other tools, such as a can opener, a magnifying glass, scissors, a saw or a file. Victorinox has been supplying the Swiss army with these knives for decades, so there is no doubt about their quality.


Founder of Leatherman tool Group Inc. is Tim Leatherman, a native of Oregon, USA. When Tim and his wife went on a road trip to Europe in the 1970s, he had to constantly fix something. He had nothing better on hand than a pocketknife. It was during the frequent repairs of the obsolete Fiat that the idea of ​​a multifunctional pliers, the so-called multi-tool, was to be born in Tim's head. After returning to Oregon, he and his friend founded Leatherman and began production. This high-quality tool manufacturer is based in Oregon to this day and employs only locals. Each product excels in perfect workmanship and has a 25-year warranty. In the offer from the Leatherman company, you can find not only multifunctional pliers, but also multifunctional folding knives, scissors or, for example, original multifunctional bracelets.