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Blankets, pads

Are you looking for a fleece blanket, a blanket to a car or a space-saving pillow for travel? At Armed, we provide you with everything you need to relax in nature or on the road. We offer warm fleece blankets, durable military blankets and inflatable pillows suitable for traveling by car, making your rest on the train, in the plane or sleeping in a sleeping bag more pleasant. Support your comfort with a pillow and a blanket of Armed!

When spending the night in the wild, don't forget a suitable sleeping bag and mat.

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Cush Seat, blue, Klymit

Cush Seat, blue, Klymit

Because Klymit loves the great outdoors, this product is made exclusively with fabric remnants to prevent waste.
In stock 2 pcs 17,10 €
BasicNature Neck cushion, inflatable, blue, Reliance

BasicNature Neck cushion, inflatable, blue, Reliance

Travel inflatable pillow blue color is an excellent helper for long trips and camping. The pillow has a velor cover that is pleasant to the skin.
In stock 3 pcs 6,36 €
Drift Car Camp Regular Pillow, Green, Klymit

Drift Car Camp Regular Pillow, Green, Klymit

Do you miss your pillow when you’re traveling? The Drift Pillow is a versatile, shredded memory foam pillow that strikes the perfect balance between support…
In stock 5 pcs 48,67 €
Pillow X, red, Klymit

Pillow X, red, Klymit

Supportive and comfortable at a weight you won’t even notice.
Not in stock 22,51 €


Fleece blankets are pleasant to the touch and at the same time very warm. These features make them ideal blankets for television and other static activities. Are you "fucked out" of all those horror movies and looking for a villain behind every corner? Calm down with a defensive spray in your pocket.


Military blankets are durable and at the same time not expensive. We offer original woolen military blankets ideal as spare blankets for car travel. If you are going on a picnic, definitely look at our picnic blankets or you can make yourself comfortable in a hammock.


Travel pillows are very compact because they are inflatable in most cases. They are suitable as an accessory for sleeping in a sleeping bag or for traveling long distances, where it is assumed to sleep duting the journey. For longer trips, it is definitely worth buying a bag or travel bag.