Survival and bushcraft gear Gerber

When Gerber began making handmade knives as gift items in 1939, it certainly did not suppose that 70 years later it would be one of the best-selling knife manufacturers. As Gerber has grown since then, it no longer focuses only on Gerber fixed blade knives and Gerber folding knives. Today's products of this company include tool pliers, quality flashlights, ergonomic axes, compact headlamps, sharp machetes and practical field shovels.

It is also very important to mention Gerber's connection with a former member of the British SAS - Edward Michael "Bear" Grylls. Thanks to this, we can offer you survival items that will increase your chances of survival in the wild. 

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Řazení: Best selling
Řazení: Best selling
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A situation in which a person has to fight for his or her survival can occur in a variety of circumstances. In such a situation, it is necessary to provide for basic needs. 

stay hydrated

In the category of water disinfection, you will find equipment and products that will rid natural water of bacteria and germs. We offer both water disinfection tablets and highly effective portable water filters.


In an emergency, it is essential to keep your body warm. Hypothermia is extremely dangerous during prolonged exposure without help. You will quickly lose the energy you have to put into, your rescue efforts. In the emergency blankets category, you will find "space blankets", emergency sleeping bags, and tents to help you survive a cold night in the wild. In addition, lack of body temperature can also be addressed with local heaters such as pocket hand warmers or warm shoe inserts.


Fire has accompanied mankind since time immemorial. You can use fire to keep you warm, prepare food, and it can also be seen for miles as a signal to summon help. In the category of making fire you will find a large selection of magnesium and ferrite fire starters, flint, lighters, military matches, and other products.