Product range

Armed store s.r.o is not a regular army surplus shop. Since 2007, it has grown to be a number one military store in Czech Republic. Why? We took a rather different path

Starting as a regular army and military surplus store, we soon realised that the shop doesn’t have to be a dark cave full of worn military clothing and used equipment. There’s sure some magic to it, but we wanted to provide products not only for army enthusiasts, but for professionals as well. That’s why we set the worn surplus assessment aside (not entirely though) and began to sell new, original products

Although you may not find the ultimate bargain, like used military boots for a penny, you will find some nice stuff for reasonable prices from brands such as Mil-Tec, Surplus or MFH. As a professional or just a demanding customer in general, you will find quality stuff from first class tactical brands such as Warrior Assault Systems tactical bags and chest rigs, Gerber or Leatherman knives and tools, Maxpedition bags and pouches, Helikon or 5.11 Tactical apparel or Lowa and Salomon boots. 

Armed store is unique for its wide range of products for a diverse group of customers that have one thing in common. Whether it's for work or because they enjoy the outdoors, they are interested in weapons, knives, self-defense, bushcraft, EDC or outdoor survival. Soldiers and police officers visit our stores on a regular basis, hunters, trappers or fishermen will find some very interesting stuff as well. We provide equipment for preppers, airsofters and or travelers. And if you want to look good for all these activities, tactical and leisure clothing is a part of our range as well. 

In order to make sense of such a wide range, the e-shop offers several features to help you find the right product:

  • The smart search and whisper search not only look for products, but also for categories and brands.
  • Products have parameters assigned to them that you can search by.  Are you interested in size 43 shoes that are in stock? Use the category search.
  • You can save products as favorites and then view them at any time in your customer account.