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Whether you are going to go camping, fishing or organize a barbecue in the garden, folding camping furniture will certainly come in handy. Thanks to the fact that travel furniture is usually lighter and more compact than the classic one, you can take it with you almost anywhere. In our offer of travel furniture you will find folding military loungers, folding camping tables and chairs, fishing chairs, as well as practical picnic blankets. Traveling is a pushover with Armed camping furniture!

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Outdoor shower, Tactical Foodpack

Outdoor shower, Tactical Foodpack

Outdoor Shower is an innovative outdoor washing solution. If you are in a situation where is a lack of water or any washing opportunity, it is a perfect and…
In stock > 5 pcs 3,35 €
Folding bed Professional, type U.S. Army, Olive, MFH

Folding bed Professional, type U.S. Army, Olive, MFH

High quality folding deck chair made of thick aluminum profiles, U.S. Pat. Army. This folding bed is big enough for most people and the robust construction has…
In stock 3 pcs 93,58 €
BasicNature Picnic blanket, checkered, Reliance

BasicNature Picnic blanket, checkered, Reliance

Simple picnic blanket in a classic plaid pattern. The picnic blanket consists of a checkered top side and a nylon washable bottom.
In stock 3 pcs 25,68 €
Solarshower roll up, 20 L, Reliance

Solarshower roll up, 20 L, Reliance

Practical solar shower ideal for camping or for excursions. The solar shower heats the water to approx. 30 ° C in up to 3 hours.
Not in stock 10,64 €

Travel furniture is popular not only for camping, it can also be used in a cottage or by a pond. The main advantage of folding camping furniture is, of course, its compactness and lower weight compared to classic one. With camping furniture you can go almost anywhere and ensure comfort on the road. In our offer you can see quality military beds, that are a clear choice for all who want to sleep well in nature or anywhere else.

We also offer a range of folding chairs and tables. You appreciate this both in the camp and, for example, in the cottage, but also as a patient fisherman at the water. And a proper picnic blanket is suitable for a picnic. Here you find practical waterproof picnic blankets, that are provided with a layer of nylon on one side, and therefore they are not surprised by damp grass or clay. There is usually a pleasant material (e.g. fleece) on the other side, so that you can feel pleasantly and comfortable anywhere.