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Shovels Mil-Tec

Mil-Tec is a trademark of Sturm Handels GmbH, based in Germany. The Sturm company was founded in 1971, focusing mainly on military clothing and military equipment. Since its very start, the Mil-Tec brand has been constantly expanding its portfolio and today is one of the European leaders in the field of military, tactical and outdoor equipment. In the beginning, Mil-Tec focused mainly on original military equipment from the military sellout. Original military clothing from around the world has become part of alternative fashion. Later, Sturm Handels began producing its own range of quality products for outdoor and military lovers at good prices.

In the Mil-Tec brand portfolio you can find mainly a wide selection of bags, waist packs and tactical backpacks, accessories (glasses, hats, gloves, scarves, belts, raincoats), a wide selection of functional clothing (pants, jackets, coats, T-shirts, underwear), shoes , defenses, camping equipment (tents, deck chairs, hammocks, camping utensils), compasses and everything for a stay in the wild. Sturm does not specialize only in men's clothing, under the Mil-Tec brand you can also find quality women's clothing or children's military clothing. Popular products include the M65 jacket and military vests.

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Řazení: Best selling
Řazení: Best selling
Folding US field shovel with handle, olive, Mil-Tec

Folding US field shovel with handle, olive, Mil-Tec

Field shovel of classic design with a wooden handle. The military shovel is equipped with a mandrel and we supply it with a case.
In stock 1 pc 15,40 €
Foldable Avalanche Shovel, Orange, With a Case, Mil-Tec

Foldable Avalanche Shovel, Orange, With a Case, Mil-Tec

Do you spend your holidays in the mountains or do you live in the mountains? With this handy folding shovel you can always be ready for all kinds of emergency…
Not in stock 25,95 €
Folding field shovel with cover, Mil-Tec

Folding field shovel with cover, Mil-Tec

Mil-Tec small trifold shovel is an obli Gator y piece of equipment for every adventurer. Product features a folding structure equipped with a pickaxe. Made of…
Not in stock 42,61 €
Folding shovel US Gen. II, Mil-Tec

Folding shovel US Gen. II, Mil-Tec

Replica of a new type II. Gene. three-piece folding field shovels used by members of the US military.
Not in stock 22,30 €
Folding Shovel Gen. II, Mil-Tec

Folding Shovel Gen. II, Mil-Tec

Multifunction tool from German manufacturer Mil-Tec. This shovel can do several other things besides digging in the ground. With a locking mechanism on the…
Not in stock 21,09 €

Military shovels

In our range, we offer field shovels from the manufacturers Mil-Tec, MFH, or also Gerber, or Cold Steel, which are also among the most important manufacturers of knives and tools on the outdoor market.

These shovels are compact and light, plus can use them for many activities. Military shovels are usually supplied with a bat so that they do not soil your equipment.

As a gift, they will surely please every military lover and they will certainly find a good use for it.