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Army jackets

Are you looking for a quality and functional winter or autumn jacket? Are you looking for a jacket for the field and for everyday wear? Then you must not miss any of the military jackets that you will find in this category. Military jackets are perfectly cut and sewn from durable materials, have a sufficient number of pockets and a number of military gadgets. The main advantages of these models include durability and practicality. We offer jackets for all seasons. You will also find models with teflon membranes ensuring the retention of body heat and perfect breathability. The specialty are tactical jackets from the manufacturer Helikon, that boast durable YKK zippers and patented tweaks.

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Men's jacket M51 US Parka, Brandit

Men's jacket M51 US Parka, Brandit

Very popular US M51 parka in an authentic military style. The parka is made of a highly durable material, has a removable fleece lining and is suitable for…
7 variants in stock from 97,39 €
Men's jacket Grid-Camo Parka, Brandit

Men's jacket Grid-Camo Parka, Brandit

The stylish Grid-Camo parka from Brandit is suitable for cold weather. The parka has a structured surface, is sewn from a highly insulating material and is…
4 variants in stock from 77,90 €
Level 7 Lightweight Winter Jacket - Climashield® Apex, Helikon

Level 7 Lightweight Winter Jacket - Climashield® Apex, Helikon

Conforming the US Extended Cold Weather Clothing System (ECWCS). Level 7 Winter Jacket is a final, outer insulation layer for use in extreme cold weather.
3 variants in stock from 170,08 €
Husky Tactical Winter Jacket - Climashield® Apex, Helikon

Husky Tactical Winter Jacket - Climashield® Apex, Helikon

The Husky is a winter tactical jacket. It is an enhanced version of LVL 7 apparel, modified for use in extreme winter weather by the law enforcement and other…
7 variants in stock from 175,98 €
Wolfhound Winter Jacket, Helikon

Wolfhound Winter Jacket, Helikon

Whenever light warming layer is needed and fleece is not up to the task, it’s the Wolfound to the rescue. This lightweight jacket was designed as an insulation…
7 variants in stock from 117,65 €
Tactical CCW Rappel Jacket, 5.11

Tactical CCW Rappel Jacket, 5.11

A simple jacket suitable for both everyday wear and for pure shooting use. Thanks to special pockets and especially the passages in them, the jacket allows you…
5 variants in stock from 95,44 €
Surplus Jacket, 5.11

Surplus Jacket, 5.11

At first glance, an ordinary army jacket for the city may surprise you with a number of modifications and a selection of materials. Last but not least, many…
4 variants in stock from 151,79 €


Dry, rainy, or even snow weather - military jackets from Helikon will protect you from all this. Most of them are heavier jackets, but they will give you practically the best protection against bad weather. Multi-layer design with membranes, hoods, velcro panels for marking and also a large number of pockets with a large volume, where you can carry everything you love with you. We offer very practical and versatile jackets for all seasons. They are made of quality materials and are very resistant to abrasion and damage. To maintain thermal comfort, they have a drawstring at the waist and at the ends of the sleeves.

You will find jackets with the so-called Quick Side Access cut, thanks to which you can get to your weapon as fast as possible. You don't open anything, no complications, just quick action.

Jackets from Helikon also boast high-quality YKK zippers, that are an established tradition at this manufacturer, as well as the patented ClimaShield Apex insulation, thanks to that the jackets perfectly insulate and warm even being wet .
Some jackets have a teflon membrane that is laminated with other fabrics. Its pores, in the latest models more than 1.4 billion per square centimeter, make the membrane impermeable to water and at the same time allows vapors to pass through. Thus, you will be dry and retain body heat, what more could you want?