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What must you not miss on a mission or while in the wild? Definitely a well-equipped first aid kit and mainly bandages. You never know what you or people around you may meet in the field. In the offer of Armed, you will find special military medical equipment, such as special combat bandages, plasters and covers for the treatment of penetrating injuries. You can get both an emergency Israeli bandage (so-called "Israeli") and entire sets for the treatment of chest injuries. Special medical equipment from our offer is suitable not only for soldiers, but also as first aid for climbers, journalists and everyone who moves in a risky environment or in a location out of reach of a doctor. In our e-shop, in addition to bandages, you will also find, for example, hemostatics or combat chokes and tourniquets.

Israeli Emergency Bandage Responder, H&H

Israeli Emergency Bandage Responder, H&H

The Israeli Emergency Bandage, or Israeli Emergency Bandage, is designed to treat a variety of injuries. An effective bandage that may serve multiple functions…
3 variants in stock from 10,70 €
Field Dressing 20 x 19 cm, BCB

Field Dressing 20 x 19 cm, BCB

Large enclosure sealed in a robust waterproof case that guarantees sterility and long life. It can also be used as a tool for forming a bandage.
Not in stock 11,07 €
Combat Band-Aid, 2,5 m, H&H

Combat Band-Aid, 2,5 m, H&H

The Combat Medical Band-Aid that gives rescuers the option of additional support and reassurance when regular bandages and elastic patches are not enough.
Not in stock 9,90 €