What to buy for orientation in nature?

A common question is: to buy a simple compass or an orienteering one? The compass will show you where the north is, so it is sufficient for a boat or for people that don't follow the map. It is a classic you know from movies. However, an orienteering compass is more suitable for most people.

What to buy for orientation in nature?

The right direction

A compass is a simple device that consists of a plastic base plate, the compass itself (magnetic needle) and sometimes also a mirror.

The orienteering compass has a mirror always and is complemented by a rotating scale at angles for measuring azimuths.

What is azimuth for?

Using azimuth, we can very easily move in the terrain using landmarks, even if we are not allowed to use standard routes for any reason. Whether we are in a situation of extreme emergency or in combat conditions, the orienteering compass is a basic geographical aid, without which effective movement in the field is in most cases very difficult.

There are different rulers on the plastic plate for measuring distances at various map scales. According to these scales, it is easy to recalculate real distances or determine the exact position in various coordinate systems.

Assortment of the orienteering compasses

According to their purpose, there are orienteering compasses of various types - sports compasses, geographical compasses, military compasses, etc. Military compasses are characterized by their resistance and also, for example, the units of measure used. In addition to azimuth angles, military compasses also have a scale for determining angles in mils according to the NATO standard.

Work with orienteering compass and its use

Working with an orienteering compass and a map is very easy and often saves you a lot of worries about route planning. It will also help you not to lose the right direction in confusing terrain or allow you to use triangulation to determine your position if you happen to get lost.

Armed offers quality compasses and orienteering compasses from Silva, Coghlans and others brands. They are reliable and durable aids that you will immediately like for their practicality.

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