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Footwear Atsko

American company ATSKO was formed to develop new markets for Sno-Seal, the original beeswax waterproofing. Sno-Seal was created in 1933 to preseve and protect leather ski boots. When plastic ski boots replaced leather Atsko introduced Sno-Seal to more general applications. We believe that a product proven superior in the toughest application will do a superior job in more ordinary applications.

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Řazení: Best selling
Řazení: Best selling
Sno-Seal Shoe Wax, 200 g can, Atsko

Sno-Seal Shoe Wax, 200 g can, Atsko

Large 200 g can of leather shoe wax by Atsko. The 200 g pack is enough to impregnate about 12 pairs of shoes.
In stock > 5 pcs 12,28 €
Fresh powder, 114g, Atsko

Fresh powder, 114g, Atsko

Removing odour from shoes without perfumes and antiperspirants.
In stock 2 pcs 8,60 €
Sno-Seal® impregnation wax, 100g tube, Atsko

Sno-Seal® impregnation wax, 100g tube, Atsko

A rather unique Sno-Seal impregnating wax by Atsko. Taking care of your shoes and feet comes first, so make sure to choose a product that offers the best…
In stock > 5 pcs 9,12 €
Textile and leather impregnation Silicone Water Guard, 350 ml, Atsko

Textile and leather impregnation Silicone Water Guard, 350 ml, Atsko

Impregnation spray, usable on leather and textiles, cotton, canvas and all other fabrics.
In stock > 5 pcs 16,23 €
SNO-SEAL wax, bag 15g, Atsko

SNO-SEAL wax, bag 15g, Atsko

Sno-Seal® bee wax impregnation in the smallest package.
In stock > 5 pcs 1,23 €
Water repellent, 236 ml, Atsko

Water repellent, 236 ml, Atsko

Light but effective silicone formula for protection with no risk of color change. Dries quickly to eliminate staining.
Not in stock 12,67 €


Are you going on a march, with your family on a trip to nature, or do you sometimes go on mushrooms? Unsuitable or poor quality outdoor shoes can make your trip a hell. That is why you should not underestimate this essential part of hiking equipment and choose quality, robust and yet comfortable shoes that can become a long-term partner on your travels.


  • almost immortal full-leather military boots ("Canada"), that will never leave you in the lurch and last for many years
  • military ankle boots fit well on the suit and on your foot. The sound of heels earns your respect.
  • tactical boots with a GORE-TEX membrane, that suit everyone who has a weakness for quality footwear
  • essential accessories such as laces, impregnations or functional military socks ensure the durability of military boots and your maximum comfort

In this category you can filter according to the properties of the shoes, in the offer you find waterproof, antistatic, gore-tex or anti-slip shoes as well as shoes with various properties patented by the manufacturer.


When choosing shoes, we focus on the following points:

  • terrain and seasons
  • price
  • size
  • material
  • mark
  • maintenance


First of all, it is necessary to choose shoes according to the terrain and the season you go to, as there is a big difference between shoes for a child at a children's camp and for lifeguards of the mountain service in the Giant Mountains. Simply put - the more challenging the terrain and the heavier the backpack you can carry, the stronger and more robust the shoes you have to choose. On the contrary, if you go in undemanding terrain, low outdoor shoes or trekking sandals will probably suffice. If you go on a hike in the summer, it will probably be best to look for more breathable lighter boots, on the contrary, insulated waterproof boots are better for the winter, for the more demanding winter ones with the possibility of attaching crampoons.


The main aspect for most people is the price, but we definitely do not recommend saving on shoes, because it is both the alpha and omega of the outdoor and also a grateful investment. If you buy cheap shoes, you save a few crowns in your wallet, but there is a high probability that the shoes are not be of high quality, they will loosen the seams soon, they will not be comfortable and after a few hikes you will say goodbye to them for ever.


Do you order shoes through an online store, or do you prefer to visit a stone shop? We definitely recommend the other option, for several reasons. Surely it has already happened to you that you have tried more shoes from more manufacturers and even though you are still trying the same size, the shoe fits you differently? Various differences in size numbering and incorrect choice of the size of your outdoor shoes can make the hike very unpleasant, so we recommend trying the shoes, for example, in one of our stone shops, where we will help you choose shoes in person.

Before you try on your future shoes, also bring suitable socks in which you will wear shoes, because if you try winter shoes in summer ankle socks, for example, they can easily confuse you when choosing a suitable size. During the trial, lace up your shoes properly and walk around the store to see whether they push you somewhere. A common argument of customers is: "That's good, they will allow!". However, this is wrong - it is necessary to take into account that when climbing, the heel in the shoe should remain in place and the toes should not touch the cap of the shoe, because there is a risk of pressure, blisters or rupture of the membrane, what is definitely undesirable on a many kilometers of hike. If for some reason your shoes do not fit in the store, be sure not to rush into this purchase.


Another point that should interest you when choosing outdoor shoes is the material the shoes are sewn from. In the shops we can meet a combination of textiles and leather. This combination is more suitable for less demanding terrain and warmer seasons, the shoes are more breathable and pliable than full leather, but they will soon get wet in wet environments and snow. If you know that you want to overcome more difficult terrain and you need to have a strong and stable foot, you need to choose full-leather shoes. In contrast to the already mentioned combination of textile and leather, the leather shoe will shape according to your foot and ensures its fixation and safety. The disadvantages of all-leather shoes include their weight and also their higher price. In today's range of outdoor shoes, the membrane, that is usually gore-tex, is almost a matter of course. This membrane ensures the breathability and waterproofness of shoes as well as a quality manufacturer, because the use of gore-tex cannot be afforded by everyone, only by the manufacturer meeting high quality standards. As for the sole, we recommend a one-piece sole, as there is less chance of damage.


The maintenance of your shoes should be based on impregnation by the manufacturer itself, and you should continue with regular impregnation. In our e-shop we offer a range of hydrophobic creams from Bennon and ECWCS, as well as waxes and waterproof sprays. The types of impregnating agents obviously differ according to the materials from that the shoe is sewn. To keep the skin healthy, it is advisable to regularly clean your shoes from dirt that has a bad effect on the water resistance and long service life of the skin. Definitely do not wash leather shoes in the washing machine, if necessary at most in the sink and dry them sufficiently after washing. Use antibacterial socks against the smell of shoes, let the shoes dry sufficiently after taking them off. For the prevention and eventual removal of odors, we recommend filters absorbing odors and moisture.