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Hemostatics are used to quickly reduce or stop bleeding. It is a revolutionary technology that saves countless lives around the world every day. Equip your travel first aid kit with special combat gauze and always be prepared for emergency situations. This technology creates a pressure bandage at the site of the injury that prevents blood from flowing out of the wound. If you are a soldier, athlete or motorist, hemostatics in the form of combat gauze or a preparation based on granules with an applicator also find application in your first aid kit. In case of extraordinary and life-threatening events, we recommend that you include a military tourniquet in your equipment.

Řazení: Best selling
Řazení: Best selling
Combat Gauze QuikClot®  Z-Fold with homeostatic, stacked, Z-MEDICA

Combat Gauze QuikClot® Z-Fold with homeostatic, stacked, Z-MEDICA

QuikClot Combat Gauze® is a 3-inch x 4-yard strip of z-folded, soft, white, nonwoven, hydrophilic gauze impregnated with kaolin, an inorganic mineral that is…
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