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Camping gear BCB

BCB International started in 1854 when its founder Dr. Brown was placing cough syrups on the market. The syrups were delivered - among others - to British soldiers during the Crimean War. Starting 1952 the company produces top products for survival in various crisis situations, it is the world leader in this area. The company has many awards, including the Queen Awards for Export Achievement. Its  reliable and top quality products are used e.g. in the British Army. BCB is very innovative, its main mission is to protect health and lives, including the most hostile environments like jungle, mountains or desert. The BCB products are appreciated by armed forces officers, as well as mountaineers, preppers and fans of outdoor activities and extreme sports. From the BCB portfolio, we can recommend survival kits, first-aid kits and and medical needs, camouflage creams, fishing equipment, cooking sets and othe outdoor and tactical equipment.

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Řazení: Best selling
Řazení: Best selling
Mosquito Head Net, Olive, BCB

Mosquito Head Net, Olive, BCB

Fine mesh net for protection against mosquitoes and other poisonous vermin. It can be worn over a military hat or cap and can be pulled off with an elastic…
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If the weather is good, all you need to sleep under the sky is a blanket. In the worst case, you can use a bivouac bag. The advantage of sleeping under the sky is the minimum load, because you carry only the essentials. Of course, we offer both, picnic blankets and bivouac bags. An interesting way to sleep in nature is to sleep in a hammock.


Building a shelter is not a science, but some skill is needed. Even today, in the age of tents, there are people who enjoy this way of sleeping outside. At Armed you will find tents and sails, even original army tents with poles. A rubber band will definitely be suitable for building a shelter.


Most people going to nature, however, choose a tent. Its position requires (mostly) almost no skill and the poles are color-coded, so the tent is set up within several minutes. Going under a tent, you definitely want to cook something good. Take a look at our cookers.


If you are organizing a children's camp, we can recommend a military tent, that is suitable for accommodating a large number of people.