How to choose army shorts

Although it may not seem so, shorts are military clothing, as are uniforms or vests. After all, the army is not just crawling through the bushes. And what to wear in a corker than comfortable and airy shorts?

How to choose army shorts

It is not necessary to talk too much about use outside the military field. Surely everyone around us knows someone who wears shorts even when it is freezing and snowing outside. It is simply a very comfortable piece of clothing, that you should definitely not miss in your wardrobe.

In Armed you can find a wide range of army shorts in various lengths, such as three-quarters or shorts, as well as a selection of very successful army-style shorts and fashionable vintage shorts.

We will now look at the current portfolio so that choosing the right shorts is easy and comfortable for you.

Surplus shorts

The German textile company Surplus has been producing outdoor clothing since 1983. The main feature of Surplus clothing is practicality and an interesting fashion style. That is why this brand is very popular in our country. Clothing of a new design, that though does not stand out, is never enough.

You can use Surplus shorts both in the city and in the forest. All models are made of cotton. Vintage designs give them an atypical look and the number of pockets makes them a very practical piece of clothing. As for the color palette, Surplus offers up to 6 color variants, including not only classic military colors such as olive or sand, but also camouflage patterns, including the very popular Blackcamo.

Mil-Tec shorts

Mil-Tec is a trademark of Sturm Handels GmbH, based in Germany. The Sturm company was founded in 1971, focusing mainly on military clothing and gear. Since its establishment, the Mil-Tec brand has been constantly expanding its portfolio and has become a key player in the field of military and outdoor gear.

Mil-tec shorts are based on army designs. Among them we can find classic American bermudas or even moleskin shorts used in the German Bundeswehr. Since these are army models, the length is mostly shorts, i.e. with length above and to the knees. You can choose these army military shorts in either military colors or camouflage patterns.

Brandit shorts

Brandit is a relatively young German brand of lifestyle clothing for the city. Brandit shorts are based on military uniforms but are adapted for comfortable civilian wear. Some Brandit clothing is more military, others are already explicitly civilian. In any case, it is pleasant, guaranteeing high wearing comfort.

Brandit shorts are made of 100% cotton and you will love their practicality and comfortable shape both in the city and certainly on hikes or trips. A large number of pockets with press studs, drawstrings at the waist or in leg and a unique design are just a few of the main features of Brandit's shorts. In the colors you will find classic colors as well as 4 types of camouflage patterns modified to perfectly match the design of the trousers, such as Sandstorm or Darkcamo.

Helikon shorts

Helikon’s credit certainly benefited from the cooperation with the Polish special unit. In this case, Helikon represents the category of tactical and service shorts.

There is actually the same material and shape as for long tactical pants. The main aspect of these shorts is a comfortable shape that does not restrict movement even during demanding physical activities, as well as a waist adapted for concealed carrying of a weapon or practically placed pockets, that can hold, for example, magazines or a folding knife.

Whether you are looking for shorts or three-quarter pants, perhaps this brief overview will make it easier for you to choose the shorts that are right for you.

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