The right way to care for your LOWA boots to ensure maximal lifespan

Proper care will ensure the long service life of your LOWA shoes. We will advise you on how often to take care of your shoes, what products to use and what parts of your shoes to take care of. We will also give you some tips on how to prevent unnecessary damage to your shoes.

The right way to care for your LOWA boots to ensure maximal lifespan

5 steps for correct LOWA shoe care

Step 1: Preparation

If your shoes are damp or dirty, let them dry in a well-ventilated room. Do not place shoes near a heat source (stove, heater), as the heat could cause cracking or other damage to the leather. Remove the laces from the shoes so that the shoe care products penetrate into the folds as well. Also remove the insoles from the shoes. This is very important, because moisture retains under the pads, especially after several days of use.

Step 2: Cleaning

First, clean the shoes thoroughly dry with a brush to restore the breathability of the leather. Then clean the shoes with a brush and warm water. If the shoes are very dirty, we recommend using lukewarm soapy water or a suitable shoe care product to help clean clogged pores in the leather. Then rinse the shoes thoroughly.

After cleaning, the leather is prone to leakage. It is therefore necessary to impregnate the shoes in the next step again. Allow shoes to dry in a dry, well-ventilated room. Never dry your shoes in the sun, in the bathroom, near a heater, on a stove or in a car. Wet leather can "singe", become brittle and start to crack. A humid environment, on the other hand, promotes mold growth.

Step 3: Impregnation

Shoes should be slightly damp when applying the spray impregnation. Moisture will help expand the pores in the leather, then the impregnation will penetrate deeper into the material. Protection against moisture and dirt reaches its maximum 24 hours after application of the impregnation. Regular application of impregnating agents will prevent the penetration of water and dirt. The leather will remain breathable, but will not soak up water, so that the shoes will be completely protected. The maximum effect of the impregnation spray lasts for three weeks, ideally it is good to treat the shoes before each trip to the nature.

Step 4: Care

If you wear LOWA shoes frequently and often expose them to moisture, we recommend using shoe care products also for shoes with GORE-TEX® lining. Poorly maintained leather can become brittle and crack, which can lead to irreversible damage to shoes. Apply the paste or wax cream on the shoes with a soft brush and let the shoes dry sufficiently. We recommend treating the shoes before each trip to the nature. Do not use oils or greases to treat your shoes. Oils and greases soften the leather and provide some water repellency, on the other hand, they clog the pores, causing the shoes to lose their stability and breathability. Oils and greases can also dissolve the adhesives that hold the sole and top of the shoe together.

Note on suede and nubuck: The surface of this type of shoe will be smoother, shinier and darker after applying wax. When brushing suede with a wire brush, shoes can lose their original appearance.

Step 5: Storage

Store shoes in a box or shoe bag in a dry and well-ventilated place. To keep the shoes in shape and not crease, we recommend using wooden shoe-trees. Alternatively, you can also stuff the toe of the shoe with a newspaper. The paper will help capture excess moisture and maintain the shape of the shoes. Change the newspaper every day until the shoes are completely dry.

Other tip show to care for shoes

Take care of the lining correctly!

We recommend treating shoes with leather lining from time to time with special creams (e.g. Patina Ledermilch or Keralux LCK). Tthe lining can become brittle and harden due to salty sweat.

The GORE-TEX® lining does not require any special care, only occasional washing with lukewarm soapy water. Leather parts on shoes with GORE-TEX® membrane require regular cleaning and maintenance, otherwise the membrane will lose its effectiveness.

ATTENTION! To maintain frequently used shoes with a GORE-TEX® membrane, simple applying an impregnating spray is not enough!

Do not wash LOWA shoes in the washing machine!

Never wash leather shoes or shoes made of synthetic material in the washing machine. Mechanical action during the washing process and high temperatures can damage the pigments, damage the upper material and the glued seams. Shoes can be irreparably damaged as a result of washing in a washing machine.

Do not forget textile materials!

We recommend to impregnate shoes with uppers made of synthetic materials regularly. This increases the ability of the material to repel water and dirt.

Avoid contact with acid, gasoline and fertilizers!

Acid, gasoline and fertilizers can damage the adhesives and materials that make up the sole of shoes. Avoid contact of shoes with these materials, in case of contact the shoes should be thoroughly cleaned.

LOWA shoe care products

We recommend products for the treatment of LOWA footwear: LOWA Water Stop Pro, LOWA Active Creme or LOWA Active Creme Black Edition for black and smooth leather footwear.

Warranty and repair of damaged shoes

After 6 years of use, LOWA recommends having the shoes professionally inspected and any defects caused by the aging of the material repaired. In this case, you can contact us directly as the seller (please do not forget the purchase receipt). For many types of LOWA shoes, it is possible to let repair  the worn-out sole by the manufacturer at your own expense.

Contact us even if the shoes were damaged after the warranty period or as a result of improper handling. We will advise you on what and how, or we will help you arrange a repair with the manufacturer. In the case of exercising the right from a defect, the provisions stated in the business conditions of our e-shop apply. In both cases, don't forget to bring a purchase receipt.

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