Trouser selection guide

This guide will help you to choose the correct pants for you. We will advise you which pants are bestsellers, what categories are suitable for what purposes, and what the pants from our store are actually usable for. Everyone can choose.

Trouser selection guide

Basic types of trousers

  • pants in army style
  • camouflage trousers  
  • waterproof trousers
  • tactical pants
  • military trousers
Pants in army style

Pants from this category are suitable for daily wear by every citizen. They are comfortable, practical and mostly based on the patterns of traditional army trousers, such as the M-65. They are often based on army cuts only loosely and are modified, so that they are better for normal wear than the original army models. It is also because several decades have passed since the original design of the army trousers. Pants from this category will satisfy almost everyone. They walk well in the city, in the village, but also in nature. The color processing is neutral, suitable for most clothes. The best-selling pants in this style include those from Surplus and Brandit.

Camouflage trousers

We offer camouflage trousers directly as originals from warehouses of armies around the world, as well as replicas from renowned manufacturers. In our offer you will find traditional patterns as well as hyper modern camouflage patterns currently being introduced for testing on selected (mostly American) units. Camouflage are suitable for discreet movement in the woods, desert and in the city. We also offer special night dark versions that will be useful for night activities. You can use the camouflage from our offer for playing fighting games, hunting, fishing or even just for wearing interestingly colored trousers wherever you want. Interesting are modern digital camouflage patterns, that are not yet available even for the Czech Army.

Waterproof pants

Waterproof trousers, as the name suggests, serve to protect against wet and water. Don't be fooled, it's not a raincoat-type material, but well-thought-out breathable pants. Breathability is very important. If the trousers were not so functional, you would be sweating in them for a while so that it would not even make sense to protect yourself from water. The pants do not let water go through and at the same time release water vapor away from the body into the air. This is possible due to the different sizes of water molecules in the liquid state and steam. The membrane, media-known Gore-Tex or any other, has a structure similar to human pores, and these "pores" are large just so that steam can come out freely and the water molecule does not fit. Pants are usually worn over normal pants as an extra layer. They are space-saving, so they fit into a backpack for case of emergency. In this segment, the manufacturers Helikon and Mil-Tec are represented in our offer.

Tactical pants

Tactical pants are a category for various types of customers . The trousers are suitable both for civilians to wear around the city on a daily basis, and for "contractors" when working in combat areas or police officers on duty. You are probably wondering what is the tacticity of such trousers, that at first glance look similar to army-style trousers or as completely ordinary trousers. It's simple, these pants look like ordinary on purpose. You don't want everyone passing by to know that you have a gun and x magazines with you. The more common such trousers look, the more special they have other properties. They have pockets adapted to the magazines, a double fabric where higher wear is expected, such as from a knife clip or flashlight. They often have sewn-in inner pockets for knee pads and a tailored waist for carrying heavier loads. It's just a list of some of the features that make tactical pants something special. Each model of trousers is different and thanks to our offer including the manufacturer Helikon, everyone will find ones that will suit him.

Military pants

Not all pants used in the military are in a camouflage pattern - such pants can be found in the category of military pants. In our offer, there are mainly successful replicas of military trousers, that are made to maximally copy the shape, material, color and other properties of such trousers. So if you are not only interested in the army look, but you want pants that are really the same as the pants worn (or have worn) by soldiers, you will definitely find them in this category.

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