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Mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks are not only annoying insects but also dangerous disease carriers. One way to protect against stinging insects is a good insect repellent. Below you will find truly functional and proven products used to fight those annoying insects. Some of the products on offer also protect against the sun. In addition to repellents, we recommend purchasing a mosquito net for trips to the tropics or a prolonged stay next to a body of water. Don't give pesky insects a chance!

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Řazení: Best selling
Řazení: Best selling
Insect repellent STICHFREI, Ballistol

Insect repellent STICHFREI, Ballistol

Ballistol Stichfrei repellent effectively protects against insects and ticks for up to 8 hours. It also provides protection against the sun.
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Insect spirals, Coghlan's

Insect spirals, Coghlan's

Quick working mosquito repellent. Just light the end of the coil and place in the vicinity to deter mosquito's. Each coil lasts 8 hours.
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Repellent Ballistol STICHFREI for animals, 100 ml

Repellent Ballistol STICHFREI for animals, 100 ml

Protects your pets for up to 8 hours from intrusive insects and the dangerous bites of mosquitoes, ticks, and other insects.
Not in stock 8,90 €

If you sleep outdoors near a waterway and don't have any insect repellent with you, mosquitoes will give you a hard time through the whole night. It's a good idea to carry at least a little repellent with you just in case. If you prefer passive protection, we also offer mosquito nets. For longer trips, it's worth having a long-lasting repellent.