How to choose a suitable cooker

We describe pros and cons of various types of cookers, so that you can coose the right type just according to your needs and requirements.

How to choose a suitable cooker
Proban/butane cookers
  • low purchase price of the stove
  • maintenance free
  • convenient to use - just screw it on and turn the wheel, nothing will get you dirty, spill, etc.
  • you do not have to solve the surface on which you cook (it can also be used carefully in a tent)
  • low performance (not suitable for winter use)
  • various types of gas cartridges that are not available everywhere
  • cartridges are not refillable
  • if you run out of cartouches, for example, when crossing mountains, you will have to drag with an empty cartouche to the rubbish bin in civilization
Solid alcohol cookers
  • the cheapest variant of the cooker
  • in the event of a fault, it can be easily repaired or part should be replaced e.g. with aluminum foil
  • the fuel is universal, you can get alcohol cubes everywhere and their shape does not matter
  • you can take the fuel with you on the plane (as opposed to gas cartridges)
  • the cubes take up a lot of space compared to gas cartridges of the same energy
  • efficiency is low, so you use a lot of cubes if you want to boil water for a long time
  • alcohol cubes are smelled even through a plastic bag
Liquid alcohol cookers
  • very cheap fuel
  • low price of the cooker compared to petrol (both liquid fuel)
  • you can get fuel all over the world (if not, you can easily replace it with strong spirit)
  • work at all temperatures
  • lower efficiency than petrol and propane/butane cookers
  • danger of fuel spillage - you must be careful
Gasoline/multi-fuel stoves
  • the highest to extreme performance - the food is heated faster than by other cookers
  • good combustion at all temperatures
  • gasoline is more affordable than gas cartridges
  • flame gets the dishes dirty
  • it is not maintenance-free, it must be lubricated from time to time, the seals must be cleaned or replaced
  • high purchase price of the cooker
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