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A hat is not just the music of old times. Hats are still worn and especially special units have liked them. The hat has two basic functions for soldiers. On the one hand, it protects from the sun, and on the other hand, it helps in camouflage. The most famous army that uses hats is probably the Australian (so-called "Australian hats"). But hats in model 95 are also used by the Czech Army. In addition to army equipment, army hats are also a coveted type of headgear for nature and leisure. They are especially popular with hikers, fishermen or travelers. In our offer you will find waterproof military hats in various camouflage, safari hats, fishing hats and outdoor leisure hats. In addition to military hats, we also offer navy hats and military berets. Get a hat with camouflage print, drawstring and loops for vegetation! With Army hats you will be protected against rain and strong sun. If you are looking for the ideal headgear for the summer, take a look at our offer of military caps.

Mil-Tec US G.I. Waterproof Hat Teesar, Mil-Tec

Mil-Tec US G.I. Waterproof Hat Teesar, Mil-Tec

The US GI TEESAR hat protects and disguises you well. It fits in almost any pocket.
12 variants in stock from 10,03 €
Bush Ha vz. 95 AČR, Rip-Stop, MFH

Bush Ha vz. 95 AČR, Rip-Stop, MFH

U.S. Pat. Army model 95 used by the Czech Army. The hat is made of cotton fabric in rip-stop, vz. 95 ACR.
3 variants in stock from 8,17 €
Hat US G.I., Mil-Tec

Hat US G.I., Mil-Tec

The US GI style hat is a good accessory. It will protect you from light rain, cold but also sunburn. It is compact and practical.
8 variants in stock from 10,03 €
Boonie Hat, Helikon

Boonie Hat, Helikon

Traditional military hat with wide brim, dedicated for operations in forest and desert areas. Provides effective protection against sun and rain and also…
3 variants in stock from 9,56 €
Camouflage hat, vz.95, O.T.T.

Camouflage hat, vz.95, O.T.T.

A camouflage hat based on a British Army Jungle Hat. The hat is lowered and has a shortened brim, which allows an unobstructed view in most shooting positions.…
2 variants in stock from 33,26 €