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Shorts Brandit

Brandit is a relatively young German brand of lifestyle clothing. Trousers and jackets Brandit are based on military uniforms but are adapted for comfortable civilian wear. Some Brandit clothing is more military, others are already explicitly civilian. The Brandit brand offers stylish casual clothing that fits both into nature and the city. From the Brandit brand offer, we can especially recommend stylish jackets designed according to the cut of the legendary American field jacket M-65, Windbreaker windbreakers, perfectly fitting trousers or shorts with pockets, a large selection of shirts, tactical bags and backpacks. Lovers of outdoor and hiking preferring practical and at the same time fashionable clothes will be surely satisfied with the offer of women's and men's clothing from the Brandit brand.

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Řazení: Best selling
Řazení: Best selling
Men's shorts Savage Vintage, Brandit

Men's shorts Savage Vintage, Brandit

Vintage Savage by Brandit are 100% cotton vintage look shorts. Thanks to 9 pockets you will have always enough space for your stuff. An included belt makes a…
42 variants in stock from 34,53 €
Men's 3/4 shorts Industry Vintage, Brandit

Men's 3/4 shorts Industry Vintage, Brandit

Men's 3/4 Industry Vintage by Brandit are comfortable 3/4 shorts in vintage style, made from 100 % cotton. Offering 8 handy pockets to store all important…
14 variants in stock from 34,89 €
Shorts Urban Legend, Brandit

Shorts Urban Legend, Brandit

Shorts Urban Legend by Brandit, made from 100% cotton. Shorts have 6 pockets and drawstring for adjusting the waist and legs.
33 variants in stock from 27,22 €
Brandit BDU Ripstop Shorts

Brandit BDU Ripstop Shorts

Loose, comfortable but highly durable BDU Ripstop Shorts by Brandit are suitable for the city, nature and outdoor activities. These cotton shorts feature 6…
26 variants in stock from 24,34 €
Men's 3/4 Shorts Urban Legend, Brandit

Men's 3/4 Shorts Urban Legend, Brandit

Men's 3/4 shorts Urban Legend are made from 100% cotton. Shorts have 6 pockets and drawstring for adjusting waist and legs.
20 variants in stock from 18,26 €
Men's shorts Vintage Classic, Brandit

Men's shorts Vintage Classic, Brandit

Vintage Classic are cotton shorts with many pockets. Made with washed vintage style, inspired by military design.
23 variants in stock from 35,34 €
Women's 3/4 shorts Scotch, olive, Brandit

Women's 3/4 shorts Scotch, olive, Brandit

Trendy women's 3/4 shorts has a vintage look and sits narrow on the waist. The denim pants have due to elastic cuffs at the hem a pumping effect which can be…
1 variant in stock from 32,87 €
Shorts Shell Valley Heavy Vintage, Brandit

Shorts Shell Valley Heavy Vintage, Brandit

Shell Valley heavy Vintage shorts by Brandit have significant vintage style. Together with a cotton belt, it will be an interesting part of your wardrobe.
2 variants in stock from 56,47 €


We offer military shorts in several lengths and in many color variants. We offer military shorts with practical military cuts, that are mostly based on the original cuts of classic long military trousers. In most cases, these are not women's shorts, but this does not prevent your better half from wearing them, especially if she prefers the number of pockets and comfort provided by the free cut on trips. Military shorts, like their long patterns, have many pockets, reinforced zones in exposed places, such as sitting, knees, belt, etc. In fact, they are pocket shorts and in many cases are very suitable as outdoor shorts. Surplus shorts are widely represented in our offer, as well as Brandit shorts. These brands are engaged in the production of outdoor and fashionable clothing in military style.


If you are a satisfied wearer of tactical pants, you do not have to be sad about the arrival of summer. We also offer tactical shorts, that are actually exactly the same as the original tactical pants, only you will not fall hot in the summer in them. Tactical shorts were originally intended as service shorts. We also offer these tactical shorts in two lengths, so everyone can choose.


If you are not looking for tactical shorts or pocket shorts , but you are more interested in the original military design, we still have an offer for you. We offer quality copies of original army cuts such as Bermuda, BDU, CPU or Moleskin military shorts. Women's shorts are not well represented but we believe that many models will also appeal to ladies. After all, these cuts are practical and proven. If you do not choose from our wide range of outdoor and military shorts, you can look at military camouflage pants from our e-shop.