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Training knives

Do you practice martial arts or self-defense? We offer a wide selection of training and exercise knives for combat training, martial arts training and self-defense training against an armed accountant. Training knives are made of rubber or synthetic materials. In our offer you can find faithful copies of real knives, so if you have originals at home, you can train with a rubber copy of your knife of the same size. You can even attach a copy of the M9 bayonet to the M4 and train your bayonet attack. With training knives, you can train close-up fighting techniques, eliminating the risk of injury.

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Řazení: Best selling
Řazení: Best selling
Composite Plastic Knife, Lansky

Composite Plastic Knife, Lansky

Lansky´s Composite Plastic Knife is made of composite plastic materials and is excellent for opening letters, boxes and various other light-duty applications.…
In stock > 5 pcs 6,21 €
Training baton, 21 ", ESP

Training baton, 21 ", ESP

They are designated primarily for the possible training of self-defence techniques, as well as for realisation of various model situations. 
In stock 2 pcs 35,31 €

Training knives are blunt, soft, without blades and therefore completely safe. They are great for knife training and self-defense exercises against armed attackers, used, e.g., the martial art of Eskrima or the system of self-defense techniques of the Israeli forces Krav Maga. Exercise with these knives does not cause cuts, fractures and usually no other serious injuries, however, when training with these exercise knives, we recommend using protective equipment - goggles or a mask.