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Leg holsters

Thigh holsters or thigh slings are another option for where to place your gear or weapon. As a standard, they are attached to the belt with a single strap or PALS binding (MOLLE system). Another one or two straps are used for anchoring, that are attached to the thigh. The case is firmly anchored to the leg, does not prevent running and allows quick access to your equipment, pistol or spare magazines.

Drop Leg Holster for pistol, Warrior

Drop Leg Holster for pistol, Warrior

The drop leg holster, fully adjustable holster that will take most 9mm pistols.
2 variants in stock from 50,19 €
UCR Thigh Rig, 5.11

UCR Thigh Rig, 5.11

Just the essentials. Ideal for carrying 12 blow- out kits and a pair of AR magazines, the UCR Thigh Rig features a drop- down zippered compartment with a…
1 variant in stock from 56,47 €
Thigh Rig, 5.11

Thigh Rig, 5.11

A highly useful accessory used by sportsmen, patrol officers, and tactical operators across the country, the 5.11® Thigh Rig is a lightweight, reliable, and…
Not in stock from 43,91 €
Sabre Leg Rig MK1, Warrior

Sabre Leg Rig MK1, Warrior

The Sabre drop leg is a compact rig fully versatile and ideal for many situations. It features 2 Warrior New Single Quick Mag (SQM) Pouches with 3 x New style…
Not in stock from 96,23 €