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Laser cartridge Surestrike .223 red laser, Laser Ammo

The SureStrike cartridge is the basis of the Laser Ammo system. It is intended for use in AR-15 weapons in caliber .223 Rem. Thanks to this cartridge, you can "dry" anytime and anywhere. Description
166,04 €


Laser cartridge Surestrike .223 red laser, Laser Ammo

Simply insert this laser cartidge into the chamber of your weapon and you can start training - drying. Compared to training with real charges, you will save money. This cartridge is for use with AR-15 weapons in caliber .223 Rem.

"Dry" use of a weapon is an inexpensive and effective way of training. But you don't see interventions. SureStrike eliminates this disadvantage because you see a red dot on the target for a short time when you press the shutter button. You can train anywhere, eg in the peace and comfort of home. The laser cartridge works in such a way that the cartidge emits a laser pulse after the impact of the striker. The SureStrike laser is a visible red beam. You can immediately see if you hit the target!

Please make sure to always check the compatibility of your components while choosing any kind of equipment for laser-based practice of shooting.


Item number 223SSLC
EAN 8599999273882
Brand Laser Ammo


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