Elite Ops X300 Pack, Warrior

The X300 is an outstanding medium to long range Patrol Pack. The X300 was designed with specific input from SF units with a requirement for a strong yet light weight versatile pack which allowed for compartmentalized storage with top and middle opening and exceptional comfort. Description
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The X300 PAtrol pack

The requirement was for features such as removable padded belt system var iable height Harness adjustment 5 external storage pouches with large main compartment. Narrow design allows for efficient movement in a wide variety of environments ( excellent in Urban Environments Narrow Streets Door Ways Houses etc ).

The X300 has 3 x Man Down handles ( 1 x Top Center 1 x left side 1 x right side ) which allows for 2 man rapid extraction of casualty.

Access is via a Helmet friendly Top Opening lid with Claymore Style heavy duty zipped pouch on top side also features map style pocket on the inside.

Additional access is via the large reinforced center pocket this features a heavy duty size 10 sealed seam zip which opens into a medium sized quick access pocket ( the flap opens top to bottom ) this main external pocket is lined with a heavy duty air mesh fabric which has a similar zip which opens ( bottom to top ) allowing convenient access to the middle and bottom of the pack.

Large MOLLE pouches run down both sides with internal compartments and pockets for storage. Also features a lower horizontal pouch and the underneath of the pack accommodates a final zip compartment with removable liner bag for separate storage of wet items of clothing etc in dedicated compartment.

The entire pack is covered in 1″ Inch MOLLE Webbing which allows the attachment of various pouches to increase carrying capacity.

    • 23″ x 11.5″ x 8.5″ (600 mm x 300 mm x 220 mm)
    • 2″ x 11.5″ x 10″ (50 mm x 30 mm x 260 mm)
    • 14.5″ x 10″ x 2″ (370 mm x 260 mm x 60 mm)
    •  1″ x 11.5″ x 4.5″ (30 mm x 300 mm x 120 mm) 
    • 55 Litre (Approximately)
High Quality Threads

Thread quality is fundamental to the construction, durability and strength of tactical equipment.

Two factors have a negative impact on the life Span of threads

  1. Mildew is one of the most common factors in the deterioration of military kit, causing it to rot and ultimately results in unacceptable failure.
  2. Sunlight has a harmful effect on the performance of threads, and over time causes their deterioration.

Warrior only uses the highest quality US Mil Spec nylon threads imported from the USA which are threated against both UV and Mildew.

  • Fiber Resistance to Acid - Good
  • Fiber Resistance to Alkali - Good
  • Fiber Abrasion Resistance - Excellent
  • Fiber Resistance to Heat - 142 deg C (Highest continuous temperature before breakdown)
  • Fiber Melting Point - 265 deg C

500D Nylon fabric feature enhanced tear and abrasion resistance, and long lasting durability, 500D Nylon fabric made with solution dyed yarns are inherently stain resistant and easy to clean. MultiCam, Coyote Tan, Ranger Green, Black and A-TACS FG fabrics are all I.R Treated for the lowest signature.

Plastic Hardware

Warrior only uses the highest quality Military rated Clips and accessories.

MOLLE System

This product uses MOLLE to connect to other items creating a modular and adaptive system.

* Products may differ from the picture shown due to product improvements over time

MOLLE Webbing

This product contains MOLLE webbing that will allow you to attach other pouches using the MOLLE system.

  • Genuine US Mil Spec Webbing
  • 25 mm (1 Inch ) Breaking Strain: 1200 lbs
  • 38 mm (1.5 Inch ) Breaking Strain: 1800 lbs
  • 50 mm (2 Inch ) ) Breaking Strain: 2200 lbs


Brand Warrior Assault Systems
Backpack capacity 60 L
Material Cordura®
Backpack size Medium
Width 300 mm
Height 600 mm
Depth 220 mm
Backpack features MOLLE / Waterproof / PALS webbing
Rating 5
  • 100 %of customers recommended
  • 11customer reviews

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Filip K.
Filip K.
If you're a forest mannequin like me, you'll love the backpack
  • Cajk
  • Price
Review from customer from Czech republic Show original

Rated option: Backpack X300, Warrior Elite Ops, Multicam

Quality and well made backpack
  • Processing and material All parts of the backpack are perfectly accessible Built-in raincoat Color (it is less pronounced than in the picture)
  • I haven't had it out yet to evaluate the flaws as well
Review from customer from Czech republic Show original

Rated option: Backpack X300, Warrior Elite Ops, Multicam

Marty C.
Marty C.
Tested the bagl, the quality of the workmanship, I think it is the best in its class, for a pretty penny.
  • Bagl, ideal weight to durability, access to all pockets. Made with regard to cross-country ability.
  • I have nothing to report
Review from customer from Czech republic Show original

Rated option: Backpack X300, Warrior Elite Ops, Multicam

Filip K.
Filip K.
High quality backpack for a reasonable price
  • Molle binding, pockets, lashing straps, reinforced back, waist belt.
  • There is nowhere to put a camel bag.
Review from customer from Czech republic Show original

Rated option: Backpack X300, Warrior Elite Ops, Multicam

Čestmír K.
Čestmír K.
I will take the backpack to Doupov in two weeks, so then I will complete the recommendation. So far, I can only comment on the weight distribution and that's really great. The first impression is that I would recommend a backpack to anyone who is looking for a patrol backpack that has a "normal" shape, sits well on their back and wants it to last, and especially in this price category. Hello
  • + Material, looks very sturdy, Cordura 1000D + Support system for shoulder straps, ideally wide straps, overall weight distribution excellent + Lumbar strap, I am very thin in figure and normally I have a problem with military backpacks to fasten the loin to carry something, here without a problem + Rubber bands for catching overhanging straps, all straps can be attached quite easily, so that you are not on the harley + Raincoat underneath, theoretically the backpack should not flow when placed in the wet + Variations of pockets, possible hiding of various details in the side pockets
  • - Get into the lower chamber, this is the biggest minus for me, the classic situation, you will need to quickly pull out the sleeping bag with the gill and hide it quickly after the mallow, so definitely don't count on it with this backpack. You can get to the lower half of the central large pocket, but I don't believe that it would be possible to put it back without the necessary repacking. - A hole for a camelbag, yes, the argument that specials wear a camelbag separately and I understand that backpack, but I just miss that pocket on the camelbag.
Review from customer from Czech republic Show original

Rated option: Backpack X300, Warrior Elite Ops, ATACS-FG

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