Laser Ammo Interactive Multi Training Target, I-MTTS, 1 target, Laser Ammo

Electronic target Laser Ammo IMTTS. It is designed for use with the Ammo Laser "cartridge", with both red and infrared lasers. It offers several modes and packages of 1, 3 and 5 pieces. Description
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I-MTTS Elektronic Taget system, Laser Ammo

The interactive multi-target training system (IMTTS) can simulate various shooting drills. It is one of the most advanced electronic targets on the market. You can choose from three packages - 1pc, 3pcs, or 5pcs. The functionalities of the target stand out only in the package of 3 pcs and 5 pcs, because the targets communicate with each other. But even a package of 1 piece will provide the necessary feedback during dry training.

Targets communicate with each other wirelessly and do not need any connection to a computer. Just turn them on, set the desired mode and you can start "shooting".

  1. Standalone mode - you see and hear the target hit
  2. Steel plate mode  - imitates shooting at steel targets (Poppers) - hit all targets as fast as possible
  3. Chase the ball mode - the targets randomly light up, forcing you to search for a target and change the shooting position - shoots at a green lit target
  4. Donot Shoot Mode (Target / Non-Target) - Green diode = target - Red diode = non-target - The diodes light up randomly on the targets and force you to evaluate the situation
  5. Same as Target / Non-target mode, but at twice the speed

You will need one of these Laser Ammo products:

  • Laser cartridge for inserting into the chamber of your "sharp" weapon
  • Airsoft pistol attachment (eg Spider, or airsoft rifle thread adapter)
  • Laser pistol

IMTTS targets respond to both visible, red laser and invisible, infrared laser from Laser Ammo!

Please make sure to always check the compatibility of your components while choosing any kind of equipment for laser-based practice of shooting.


Item number i-MTTS-1
EAN 864012000201
Brand Laser Ammo
Packaging 1 Ks


Manual for i-MTTS (pdf) Download

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