Tinder Card, BCB

The fibrous material impregnated with a flammable substance is an excellent addition to a magnesia or ferrite firelighter. After lighting, it burns slowly like a candle, making a fire easy. Description
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flammable piece of impregnated material, which when pulled apart shows its fibrous nature producing an excellent complement to a flint and striker.

Once ignited it burns slowly like a candle helping it to easily start fires. Only a small amount is required for a survival kit, and it packs smaller than the other alternative tinder, eg, cotton wool balls etc.

Key features of Tinder Card by bcb
  • Size: (9.5 x 19cm) (3.8 x 7.7”)
  • Weight: 210g (7 oz)
  • Each individual pack contains 18 stripes


Item number CN332
EAN 7391079000019
Brand BCB

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