Survival System pouch Woodland, BCB

The Survival System from BCB is a set, or KPZ, that contains basic tools for survival in the middle of the wilderness. Beside other tools, there are matches, wire saw, blade or whistle, all in one compact Woodland pouch. Description
42,40 €


Survival System kit by BCB

This BCB high quality Survival System is supplied in a robust DPM Woodland belt pouch.

Contents of the kit:
  • button compass
  • blade
  • matches (x 10)
  • water tablets (x 10)
  • snare wire
  • candle
  • flint & striker
  • whistle
  • sewing kit
  • safety pins
  • wire saw
  • survival instructions
  • accident evaluation form
  • signal mirror
  • water bag
  • nylon cord
  • foil tray
  • sleeping bag


Item number CK1224
EAN 8599999753704
Brand BCB
Rating 2.5
  • 1customer reviews

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Well, the teacher will fulfill it, but it's not what he offers here, at least not completely
  • the knife in the photo is not there, there is about a two-centimeter mini knife, the cutter is also a little different, and the pocket in which it is all is also completely different
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Item Survival System pouch Woodland, BCB is in stock and we can ship it tomorrow. You can get it for 42,40 € incl. VAT.

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