Sno-Seal® impregnation wax, 100g tube, Atsko

A rather unique Sno-Seal impregnating wax by Atsko. Taking care of your shoes and feet comes first, so make sure to choose a product that offers the best possible care - which Sno-Seal definitely does. Description
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atsko Sno-Seal® impregnation wax - 100g tube

Atsko Sno-Seal® is a genuine beeswax impregnation product that is designed to protect leather from rain, sun, snow and salt. It repels sprinkling salt exceptionally well and thus prevents stains from forming on footwear . The wax also prevents water from penetrating the leather, as it fills the leather pockets on the surface and dries into a solid wax. Sno-Seal® also protects the leather from drying out and keeps it supple and strong in the driest climates.

Unlike traditional impregnation products, Atsko Sno-Seal® wax comes with a unique structure that does not penetrate through all layers of the leather. On the contrary, traditional creams, oils, and animal fat products tend to seep through all the layers of the leather, so that they gradually clog up all its pores and fill the natural vents in the structure of the material. Those are, however, meant to insulate and also absorb sweat.

The innovative Sno-Seal® impregnation wax allows you to feel more comfortable even in boots with Gore-Tex® membrane. Sno-Seal® does not affect the function of the Gore-Tex® membrane in any way, allowing it to fully absorb and then wick sweat and moisture out of the shoe.

  • Comes in a 100g tube
  • Does not prevent the Gore-Tex membrane from functioning
  • Made from genuine beeswax
  • Quality protection for your leather gear
  • Keep your feet dry all year round!
  • Preventive leather protection
  • Stays on the surface of the leather and keeps it in good condition
  • Does not cause leather to soften
  • Maintains the natural strength of the leather
  • Extends the life of the leather
  • Does not interfere with the natural breathability of the leather
  • Extremely effective against stains from salt and dirt
  • Does not reduce the stiffness of the shoe sole or toe reinforcement
  • Does not damage the seams or frame joints of the shoe
  • Retains the flexibility of the leather even at sub-zero temperatures
  • Does not crack even when the leather is constantly flexed
  • Does not deteriorate and break down leather like other products containing animal fat
  • Does not contain silicone

Sno-Seal® will not only keep you warm and dry, it will also help you resist fatigue. A normal leather shoe can soak up to half a kilo of water. Not with the Atsko Sno-Seal® impregnation wax.


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Jiří V.
Jiří V.
I recommend.
  • Exactly what I needed for shoes and a leather park.
  • - -
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Zbyněk Frančiak
Zbyněk Frančiak
If it works as it should, it's fine.
  • Easy to use and does what is expected of the product.
  • Nothing so far.
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