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Picnic blankets

Are you going on a picnic in nature, a trip with friends or a few days of camping and you do not know what blanket to take with? An ordinary blanket might not be sufficient if you settle near the water or the dew is still glistening on the grass in the morning.

That is why we offer practical waterproof blankets that will solve all worries with finding the ideal place. Such a picnic blanket has a waterproof nylon layer on one side and a pleasant material on the other. It offers practicality and comfort in one.

In the garden, at the lake, in the meadow, just about anywhere, a picnic blanket will be a great choice. It is simply a perfect blanket for nature.

Enjoy the pleasure of a picnic in nature and shift your worries to a blanket from Armed.

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BasicNature Picnic blanket, checkered, Reliance

BasicNature Picnic blanket, checkered, Reliance

Simple picnic blanket in a classic plaid pattern. The picnic blanket consists of a checkered top side and a nylon washable bottom.
In stock 2 pcs 26,48 €

Whether you are going for a picnic in nature, for a good trip or camping with friends, a picnic blanket is suitable everywhere. Thanks to its special construction, you don't have to worry about wet grass, so you can easily settle even near water.

And what is the magic of such a waterproof blanket? It is nothing but the underside made of nylon material not absorbing moisture. On the other hand, there is a layer of fleece or similar material ensuring comfort wherever you are. The combination of these two surfaces creates an ideal blanket for nature.

A picnic blanket does not necessarily serve only for a picnic. It can be used in the garden for a family barbecue, at the tent for camping, just anywhere you want to enjoy and not just think about where to put it. Simply the ideal blanket for nature.