PVC patch "Pirate Skull"

Rough pirate patch in two color variants. If you feel unbound by conventions and ethics, the "Pirate Skull" PVC velcro patch is just for you. Description
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PVC patch "Pirate Skull"

While our ancestors (or rather the ancestors of our coastal colleagues) had to hoist pirate flags, we have it much easier today. Human civilization today is so far away that you can simply attach a skull with ribs to your blouse and be an equally terrible pirate of the seas, roads, the Internet or forests. If this pulls you in this direction, do not hesitate to reach for the "Pirate Skull" PVC velcro patch.

The patch is made of PVC, so it can easily withstand adverse weather conditions, keeps itself clean and lasts for ages compared to fabric patches. You fasten it with velcro, so you can go with a different dude motif every day. It can be worn as a patch for a backpack, blouse, anything.


Theme Skull
Material PVC
Rating 5
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Petro D.
Petro D.
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Rated option: PVC nášivka Pirate Skull, černá

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