PVC patch "LMAO"

are you looking for a nice patch for your backpack? Express your opinion of the world and the people around you with a nice PVC patch. Description
5,89 €


PVC patch "LMAO"

Who doesn't know the English acronym LMAO. It is an abbreviation of the words "Laugh My Ass Off". If you can burst out laughing around everyone, show it with an applique, for patch. Whether someone is telling jokes or is just embarrassing to laugh, LMAO comes in handy. Decorate your backpack or jacket with a 3D patch made of PVC.

  • Dimensions: 50 x 25 mm


Item number LMAO-OG
EAN 8617720001327
Theme Military jargon
Material PVC

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Item PVC patch "LMAO" is in stock and we can ship it 01.03.. You can get it for 5,89 € incl. VAT.

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