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PVC patch "Airsoft heroes"

Paintball is known everywhere. But only few people know that airsoft has one of the largest communities in the Czech Republic related to population. And everyone needs a role model. After all, playing with crayons at a certain age stops having fun. Description
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PVC patch "Airsoft heroes"


Do you know why the world needs airsoft ? Because even paintball players need heroes. That's what "Airsoft Heroes" PVC velcro patch says. Airsoft has a really lar ge representation in the Czech Republic and we are happy for that. But it is not necessary to remind where the models of airsoft fans are.

The patch is made of PVC, so it can easily withstand adverse weather conditions, keeps itself clean and lasts for ages compared to fabric patches. You fasten it with velcro, so you can go with a different dude motif every day. It can be worn as a patch for a backpack, blouse, anything.

  • Dimensions: 80 x 60 mm


Theme Joke
Material PVC

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