"Fire Disc" Lighter, Coghlan's

Don't risk starting a fire in the open and equip yourself with a reliable cedar wood fire starter. It will greatly increase the chances of starting a fire and it may also serve as an emergency heat source. Description
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This fire star ter and emergency heat source is a perfect solution for lighting up a campfire or wood in your fireplace.

The Coghlan's discs ignite very quickly and burn with a high heat for long enough time to light up the wood. It burns for up to 30 minutes depending on surrounding conditions. These discs can also be used as an emergency cooker when used together with a solid fuel stove.

You can store them indefinitely without affecting their efficiency. A side effect is the release of fragrance - the disc is made of cedar wood and refined with wax. It can be broken into smaller pieces for multiple uses.

  • Weight: 100 g
  • Dimensions: 10 x 2.5 cm

Want to start a fire easily in the fireplace or when camping? Then use this cedar wood lighter which reliably ignites the wood and also releases a pleasant aroma.


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Brand Coghlans
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