Weapon oil, 50 ml, Ballistol

Treat your weapon with high quality German Ballistol gun oil. Ballistol's weapon oil is made out of natural ingredients and without the use of resins and acids. Description
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BALLISTOL weapon oil - 50 ML

Ballistol weapon oil effectively detaches residues of lead, copperzinc and other materials used in bullets and car tridges. Using Ballistol gun oil makes cleaning the barrel much easier, faster, and more enjoyable.

Due to its specification the Ballistol oil is ideal for cleaning firearms - even those using black powder. The main function of the Ballistol weapon oil is to lubricate, clean, preserve, and protect guns, leather, knives, wood, tools and other equipment.

key features of BALLISTOL's weapon OIL
  • Natural composition
  • Volume: 50 ml
  • Environmentally friendly - entirely soluble
  • No expiration date - lasts forever
    • Contains neither resins nor acids
  • Ideal not only for weapons, but also for leather, plastics, wood
  • Gets into even the smallest corners
  • Made in Germany
  • Manufacturer: Ballistol

Use only the highest quality gun oil - Ballistol's 50 ml weapon oil.


Item number 750250
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Brand Ballistol
Rating 4.8
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Proven quality
Review from customer from Czech republic Show original
Vladimira M.
Vladimira M.
All right
Review from customer from Czech republic Show original
Bohumil V.
Bohumil V.
  • It's a nicely organized gun cleaning
Review from customer from Czech republic Show original
Petr K.
Petr K.
Quality oil
  • I have been using high-quality oil for a long time.
  • Unpleasant smell.
Review from customer from Czech republic Show original
Traditional universal oil for cleaning and maintenance of outdoor items, weapons and other needs. It really doesn't smell much.
  • - Mixture of natural oils - Versatile use
  • - It doesn't really smell
Review from customer from Czech republic Show original

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