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Lighter Striker, BCB

The Striker is a complete magnesium fire starter system that comes with pretty much everything you need to start a small campfire in minutes. The flint is set in a magnesium block which can be shaved for tinder and easily lit with sparks from the flint. Both pieces are held together by a chain for convenience and easy storage. Great for adding to survival kits or carrying it in your daysack for emergency use. Description
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Product Description:

Flint adhered to a magnesium block.

  • Scrape shavings off the magnesium block with the hacksaw blade
  • Then ignite these by striking the blade down the flint showering
  • spar ks onto the magnesium
  • This burns readily and very hot so is an ideal catalyst to ignite your
  • tinder
  • Can be used for starting thousands of fires
properities of Lighter Striker
  • Length: 7.6 cm
  • Weight: 15 g


Item number CN331BX
EAN 5016543003311
Brand BCB

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