Laser Ammo Ultimate LE edition, IR laser, SureStrike 9 mm with (40,45,223) adapters

The SureStrike Ultimate LE Kit includes a .223 Rem (5.56) caliber laser cartridge and 9 mm Luger , .40 SW and .45 ACP caliber adapters. Furthermore, safety accessories, 6 reflective targets and a case. Visible red or invisible infrared laser. Description
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Ultimate LE edition SureStrike 9 mm, Laser Ammo

The SureStrike Ultimate LE training set from the American-Israeli company Laser Ammo is the perfect tool for shooting practice without "sharp" ammunition. If you "dry" your weapon, you will significantly improve the quality of your training with the Ultimate LE set. Compared to training with real charges, you will save a lot of time and money. Of course, shooting with "sharp" bullets will not replace it, but training the first shot and handling the weapon is a laser Ammo excellent tool.

Please make sure to always check the compatibility of your components while choosing any kind of equipment for laser-based practice of shooting.

  • Laser cartridge (cartridge) in caliber 9 mm Luger (visible or IR laser)
  • Conversion to caliber .223 Rem
  • 9mm Luger Action Cap for about 5,000 shots
  • 40 SW reduction
  • 45 ACP reduction
  • Extension for main bar incl. red tips (safe weapon indicator)
  • 6 reflective targets
  • Transport packaging

The red laser is cheaper and is designed for most users. For thearmed forces or those interested in intensive training. The IR (infrared) laser is not visible, so it is necessary to have an electronic I-MTTS target or some software with an IR camera (for example L.A.S.R.) to detect hits. With frequent and intense training, it may happen that the shooter begins to focus more on the dot of the red laser and correct the shooting accordingly. This can be reduced by getting an IR version where you can't focus on the dot on the target - because you can't see it.

The Ultimate LE (Law Enforcement) set is for armed forces but also for civilian shooters with their own .223 ( AR-15 ) caliber rifle and 9 mm Luger caliber pistol. The bonus is reduction rings for .40 SW and .45 ACP calibers. With the Laser Ammo laser system, you can practice starting at the first shot. For better results, we recommend purchasing electronic Laser PET, I-MTTS electronic targets or the L.A.S.R. range.


Item number 223SSUK-780 IR
EAN 854855003620
Brand Laser Ammo
Laser color IR


Ultimate Kit User's Guide (pdf) Download
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  • Great chance to exercise at home dry.
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