Knife Sharpener Quick Fix, Lansky

The red Quick Fix Pocket Sharpener Lansky combines 2 great sharpening technologies to give your blade a fast tune-up anywhere: tungsten carbide on one side and ceramic on the other. It is small enough for your pocket, tackle box, daypack, briefcase or purse. Description
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Quick Fix Knife Sharpener Lansky

Lansky's Quick Fix knife sharpener combines two great sharpening technologies to give you the fastest blade tune-up anywhere. Just 3 or 4 strokes on the tungsten carbide side and your knife is sharp. Or a few quick strokes on the Crock Stick ceramic rods can be used to touch up a blade. It's that fast! It's that easy! The compact Quick Fix is small enough for your pocket, tackle box, daypack, briefcase or purse.

Sharpening angles are pre-set at 22.5o to achieve a 45o inclusive angle.

Key features
  • pocket-size knife sharpener
  • compact and portable
  • easy to use
  • combines 2 sharpening elements - tungsten carbide / ceramic rods
  • pre-set sharpening angles


Before starting, place the sharpener on a solid, flat surface. Hold the unit firmly, keeping your fingers away from the knife blade. Hold the knife straight up and down, as though you are going to slice bread. Apply moderate pressure when drawing the knife blade through the slots.

  1. Draw knife blade through the gray Tungsten Carbide slot 3 – 4 times to sharpen the blade.
  2. Turn sharpener over and draw the knife blade through the white Crock Stick slot 3 – 4 times to polish the blade.
  3. Carefully clean the knife edge.

Be Smart, Be Safe and Stay an Edge Above the Rest!

CAUTION: Knife sharpening is an inherently dangerous activity. Used properly this sharpener cannot hurt you but a carelessly handled blade or pointed object can.

Read the instructions provided in your Lansky kit before attempting to use any sharpening hone. If you do not have an instruction folder, write or phone Lansky Sharpeners for a copy. 


Item number LS09880
EAN 080999098806
Brand Lansky
Material Ceramic / Tungsten carbide
Grip Material Rubber
Rating 4.8
  • 100 %of customers recommended
  • 2customer reviews

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Jana R.
Jana R.
The product meets expectations.
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Karas D.
Karas D.
simple travel whetstone
  • there is power in simplicity
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