Gas Cooker VAR 2, cover, VAR

A small, compact and powerful gas cooker by the Czech company Var. This cooker is the successor of the legendary VAR 1 cooker and is suitable for both casual hiking and climbing at the highest level. Description
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The VAR 2 is a universal gas cooker that is suitable for normal hiking as well as for mountaineering climbing at the highest level - although there it might be necessary to use a windbreak. The cooker provides surface heating from the bomb vessel, making it suitable for food preparation.

With the use of a windshield VAR 2 has a higher efficiency when heating than the previously produced VAR 1. The VAR 2 gas cooker will be appreciated by mountain explorers, entusiasts, hikers and cycling travellers, as the cooker comes with an amazingly low weight of mere 110 g and offers high performance with negligible dimensions.


The only reliable guideline is the experience: it is verified that with consistent use of the flame lee, heating the really necessary amount of water, cooking foods that do not need a long boiling time such as potatoes or rice, one 230 g cartridge can comfortably last for a week when used for two people.

  • One 230 g cartridge can last two people for a week
  • Easy to use
  • Weight: 110 g

Easy operation, lightning-fast start-up, easy flame control and low maintenance make the VAR 2 an excellent on-the-go companion.


Item number 3001
EAN 8594051630016
Brand VAR
Type of fuel Gas

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