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Do you play airsoft , do you like going to nature, are you a fan of the military or are you just looking for a practical and stylish upper for everyday wear?

Military blouses are part of the field uniform, are made of cotton in combination with polyester and are comfortable and durable. Of course, there are plenty of pockets that can hold everything you need to carry with. We currently offer blouses from renowned manufacturers Helikon and Rothco USA as well as original blouses of the Czech, English and German armies.

The offered models are in a wide range of sizes and camouflage patterns, such as Camogrom, Flecktarn, Marpat, Woodland or Kryptek.

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BDU Shirt, Helikon

BDU Shirt, Helikon

The BDU Jacket is the upper piece of Battle Dress Uniform. The BDU has long history of usage, mainly in the United States armed Forces and Law Enforcement…
1 variant in stock from 32,07 €
SFU NEXT® Shirt - PolyCotton Ripstop, Helikon

SFU NEXT® Shirt - PolyCotton Ripstop, Helikon

The SFU™ Series is one of our classics. Special Forces Uniform™ would excel wherever requirement for ease of movement is combined with a well thought-out kit…
8 variants in stock from 43,74 €
Kid's Digital Camo BDU Shirt, Woodland Digital, Rothco

Kid's Digital Camo BDU Shirt, Woodland Digital, Rothco

are you looking for suitable outfits for your children? Get them a blouse from a durable blend of Rothco BDU cotton and polyester in a Woodland Digital…
3 variants in stock from 23,68 €
ACU Shirt - PolyCotton Ripstop, Helikon

ACU Shirt - PolyCotton Ripstop, Helikon

The blouse is a part of the ACU uniform designed according to the U.S. Army specifications. ACU Shirt design was a true breakthrough in uniform construction.…
1 variant in stock from 43,74 €
CPU® Shirt, Helikon

CPU® Shirt, Helikon

CPU® (Combat Patrol Uniform®) shirt was designed according to the latest construction of Polish armed Forces uniform Pattern 2010. Zipped with full-front…
2 variants in stock from 47,76 €
Blouse with ACU cut, AČR, Rip-stop, vz. 95, MFH

Blouse with ACU cut, AČR, Rip-stop, vz. 95, MFH

This modern cut ACU (Army Combat Uniform) blouse by MFH features angled chest pockets with Velcro closure, two shoulder pockets, Velcro panels and a stand-up…
1 variant in stock from 38,53 €
MBDU - NyCo Ripstop, Helikon

MBDU - NyCo Ripstop, Helikon

The MBDU Shirt is a part of our advanced field uniform Modern Battle Dress Uniform. This uniform was made of top quality fabrics, carefully chosen to provide…
1 variant in stock from 101,93 €


Military field blouses and camouflage are the result of many years of development in the field of military clothing. They are sewn for maximum practicality and durability. Just something a soldier can rely on. Velcro is usually sewn on the chest to attach a name tag or rank. The blouses also have plenty of spacious pockets where you can hide everything you need to carry with you. The sleeve hems can be constricted in case of winter or wind, and most blouses are reinforced at elbows, that ensures greater resistance to abrasion.

Are you interested in a proper military blouse and do you want to try it in person? Do not delay a visit to one of our stone shops, where they will help you with your selection.