ARMED STORE is company founded in 2010 in Prague, Czech republic, but its origins goes back to 2006, when the first e-shop was launched.

During the years the ARMED STORE became nr. 1 on the Czech market with tactical gear and equipment for military, law enforcement, but also for various end customers, like outdoors men, shooters, airsofters, or just simply people looking for products for personal protection.

ARMED STORE have at this moment 6 regular stores in Czech republic. We are an official distributor of several brands, like Gerber (knives), Warrior Assault Systems (tactical gear), Laser Ammo (dry fire), Tactical Foodpack (military rations), Lansky (sharpeners), Talon Grips (grips for guns) and other. Also we are oficial dealers of many other brands, like Maxpediton, Mechanix, ESS to name a few.

Due to the demand of foreign customers, we have launched this "European" version of our e-shop at web address

You can be sure, that we will always do our best, so our customers are satisfied