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Military tents and outdoor tents Ferrino

Ferrino S.p.A. is an Italian tents, outdoor accessories and clothing manufacturer, founded in 1870. It all began in a paint shop in Turin. Cesare Ferrino had the revolutionary idea of making fabrics waterproof. It was an immediate success, all over Italy.

From fabric to the first tents provided to explorers and climbers; but customers also included the newly founded Fiat and it is said that Senator Giovanni Agnelli left the Ferrino workshop with a “hood” under his arm.

A legendary period for mountaineering. Technology and research made Ferrino a key part of these great feats. In 1960 A new culture was born: outdoor living and life “on the road”. Ferrino became a point of reference for a whole generation.

Over the years, Ferrino products have become part of man's undying desire to overcome the impossible and discover the undiscovered. Today, Ferrino offers a complete range of outdoor gear from tents, clothing, backpacks, sleeping bags to all kinds of accessories for climbers, trekkers, paddlers and all those who love the outdoors.

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Tents can be divided into family tents, outdoor tents, or military tents.


A family tent usually boasts a very spacious entrance hall, which leads to separate bedrooms. Family tents have a larger capacity than conventional hiking tents. Their disadvantage is their large volume when folded, so they are particularly suitable for camping locations that you can reach by car.


Hiking and outdoor tents are characterized by their emphasis on minimum weight. Because of this, the vestibule is usually reduced to a smaller apse, which is usually used only for storing equipment. In tent construction, we usually see dome tents or tunnel tents. 


Military tents can be recognized at first sight. They are large and cover an area of several dozen m2. These tents are usually equipped with steel poles for greater robustness. Setting up a military tent usually requires a group of several people.