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SureStrike Hunting Pack .30-06 Springfield red laser, Laser Ammo

Discounted Hunter Set containing a classic 9 mm SureStrike cartridge and a .30-06 Sprg caliber adapter. The set includes a battery and a set of three targets. The name implies that this is a hunting set, but it is not a rule at all that it is only for hunters or hunters. It will be used by anyone who is engaged in shooting from a caliber 9 mm pistol and rifle caliber .30-06 Springfield. Description
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SureStrike Hunting Pack .30-06 Springfield, Laser Ammo

SureStrike Hunting Pack - 3006 is one of several HuntingPacks offered by Laser Ammo. The Hunting range also includes 6.5 x 55 SE, 8x57 mm Mauser, .308 Winchester, .300 Winchester, 8 x 57 Mauser and 9.3 x 62 mm rifle assemblies and packages for 12 GA and 20 GA shotguns.

All these packagesar e designed on the basis of a 9 mm LaserAmmo Surestrike Cartridge. It is inserted into the adapter of the appropriate caliber. The adapter containing the cartridge is inserted into the chamber of the weapon and can begin training

LaserAmmo SureStrike laser cartridges are the basis. It is also the easiest way to convert your weapon into a laser weapon. You only insert this cartridge containing the laser marker. There are several systems for converting weapons to laser in the LaserAmmo system. But Surestrike is the simplest and most friendly for most users.

SureStrike is the best way to train. You do not need any models or models of weapons. You can use the weapon you carry or whatever you want to train and has the same caliber as your laser cartridge.

The laser cartridge works in such a way that after the striker hits the ActionCap cartridge, a switch is closed, which emits a red laser flash. Everything happens at high speed. Recording your intervention is real and your training becomes effective. After hitting the target, you can immediately see if you hit the target.

Hunting pack 3006 is the best solution for all those who are engaged in shooting with a 9 mm pistol and a .30-06 Sprg caliber rifle. You don't have to buy two SureStrike Cartridges, just one and a simple adapter.

Please make sure to check the compatibility of your components while choosing any kind of equipment for laser-based practice of shooting.

SPECIFICATIONS of hunting pack .30-06 springfield:
  • Stainless steel 9 mm Cartridge
  • Adapter for inserting 9 mm Cartridge caliber .30-06 Springfield
  • Battery
  • A set of three targets
  • Red laser flash


Item number SSHP3006
EAN 8599999745884
Brand Laser Ammo
Laser color Red


Manual for training sets (pdf) Download
Manual for adapters (pdf) Download

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Item SureStrike Hunting Pack .30-06 Springfield red laser, Laser Ammo is in stock and we can ship it today. You can get it for 182,62 € incl. VAT.

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