PVC patch "Alien Hunter"

The truth is out there. The "Alien Hunter" PVC velcro patch leaves no one in doubt that you will definitely solve the mysterious crop circles. Description
6,18 €


PVC patch "Alien Hunter"

This simple PVC patch "Alien Hunter" shows how tricky interpretations of meanings are sometimes. As soon as you attach the patch to your backpack, you are an alien hunter - so much a guileless interpretation. But that "alien" can also be translated as "stranger" or "foreigner", perhaps the author had more on his heart than is obvious at first glance. So in any case: The truth is out there, and you give it this double interpretation therefore.

The patch is made of PVC, so it can easily withstand adverse weather conditions, keeps itself clean and lasts for ages compared to fabric patches. You fasten it with velcro, so you can go with a different dude motif every day. It can be worn as a patch for a backpack, blouse, anything.


Item number ALIEN
EAN 0711347916540
Theme Joke
Material PVC

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