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PVC patch "Jolly Roger"

Jolly Roger PVC velcro patch alone will not make you a real pirate, but it is an important first step in the right direction. It is up to you to learn the repertoire of swear words and booze a bottle of rum. Description
4,97 €


PVC patch "Jolly Roger"

The symbol itself is even older, but "Jolly Roger" has been used as a term to denote pirate flags at least since the early 18th century. And from a century ago, by these two words there were called cheerful, carefree men (that is, those who did not have to work in the fields). Today, human civilization is so far away that you can attach a pirate skull with ribs to your blouse and be the horrible pirate or carefree man when shooting at friends or enemies. This is exactly how the "Jolly Roger" PVC velcro patch works.

The patch is made of PVC, so it can easily withstand adverse weather conditions, keeps itself clean and lasts for ages compared to fabric patches. You fasten it with velcro, so you can go with a different dude motif every day. It can be worn as a patch for a backpack, blouse, anything.

  • Diameter: 55 mm


Item number DJ-JR
EAN 0711347921896
Theme Skull
Material PVC
Rating 3
  • 100 %of customers recommended
  • 1customer reviews

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Lapčík V.
Lapčík V.
  • Skull symbol.
  • I was expecting a more embroidered picture and a better quality design ....
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Item PVC patch "Jolly Roger" is in stock and we can ship it tomorrow. You can get it for 4,97 € incl. VAT.

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