Low profile plate carrier Démon, LASER CUT, Fenix

The "demon set-up" was created based on the need of 601. Special Forces groups to perform the full range of special operations. Description


Low profile plate carrier Demon

At the beginning of this project was the idea of ​​creating a multifunctional modular system, which can be used mainly in the conditions of special research in built-up and semi-built-up areas ("Urban Recce"), special survey in wooded areas ("Special Recconnaisance"), and in personal protection environment ( "Close Protection") and, last but not least, a light plate carrier for impact operations. ("Direct Action").


The goal in creating this system was to find a balance between weight and endurance. All this in order to provide the most efficient system that will provide a high degree of mobility and protection at the same time.


Due to its modularity and multifunctionality, DEMON SET-UP consists of several parts.

  • plate holder Démon
  • accessories Demon
    •  platform with Molle binding
    •  platform with bags
    •  side plate pockets
    •  insert into the pocket on the side plates
    •  belly bag
    •  bungee bag
    •  bag on the radio station right / left
    •  universal bag
    •  BL kit SF
    •  bag 1xM4 Open Laser
    •  bag 2xM4 Open Laser
    •  grenade / explosive bag P1
    • The accessories are not part of the carrier.


The demon was developed in close cooperation with the operators of the 601st Special Forces Group. Intensive testing, testing and "tuning" of this product is currently underway by a special purpose company.
Demon has long been used in demanding training and deployment of special forces. It is tested in various types of environments from the temperate middle belt, through the mountain environment, to the environment of the Middle East. All its components are suitable for use in HALO / HAHO type jumps or sea and river operations ("Riverborn OPs").


In order to keep the plate carrier profile as small as possible, "Inferno" laser technology is used. This technology is unique because, unlike the profile of the classic "molle" binding, it allows it to be hidden more effectively under civilian clothing. This capability is especially important in the "gray" spectrum of operations.


The main material for Molle-bonded parts is the long-developed and tested material CorPlus 2. These are two layers of Cordura fabric connected by a special technology, ensuring extremely high strength. When wearing the Demon plate carrier concealed, a stiffer CorPlus 3a material is used on the sides. If the user needs to place side ballistic panels and possibly other material on the sides, even stiffer CorPlus 5a material is used on the sides.
High durability and low weight of eg shoulders is ensured by the Hypalon material, which is used for shoulder straps. With a minimum weight and a profile that does not interfere with carrying other equipment, one of these shoulder straps will keep up to 96 kg in tension.


The "Back-Flip" technology, newly used by our company, is used to re-attach bags and accessories. This is another element that removes excess plastic buckles from the system. This contributes to reducing the weight of the system, its greater compatibility and reliability.


The openings in the front part of the vest are used to store cables from radios, personal jammers, head-sets, etc. in the space for storing plates. Now, thanks to the Demon, users have organized, organized cabling that won't get in the way of performing a wide range of special operations tasks.


In the back of the vest we find a pre-prepared storage for antennas. This update is an expression of the detail that was considered during the production of this product. It is also a suitable helper for hiding antennas and storing them.
Another element for mounting the antennas are the hypalon sleeves on the shoulder straps. With Demon, you will no longer be bothered by a multi-band antenna banging on your face. All the material and equipment of the operator has its place in the Demon.


Combat platforms in front of the vest are multifunctional and removable. Basically, the Demon can have 3 bags per M4 / AR-15 magazine. There is also a clean "inferno molle platform" that the user can customize to their liking.

Due to the ease of replacement, there are no problems with reorienting from one weapon system to another. Preparing the Demon for a task now takes only a moment. To set the accessories on the vest from the popular M4 to HK417, machine gun, or to the "classic" in the form of MP5, it is now a matter of simply replacing the combat platform.
In the "Close Protection" personal protection environment, these combat platforms can be stored in the "Grabbag" and, if necessary, attached to the Demon very quickly. The concealed vest can become a lightweight plate carrier in a matter of seconds. Ready for strike action.


Thanks to the large number of accessories that are attached with Velcro, it is very easy to "play" with the configuration of your Demon.


The Daemon accessory tries to find more than just one way to use it. A belly bag is not just an excellent helper when it comes to storing the necessary material to complete a task. The rear concealed space inside also allows the installation of light ballistic protection.

The path the Demon is taking is comfort. The user does not even know about the 15X15 side panels. Not only that, we can store various ballistic protection configurations here, from soft to hard. Another important aspect is the possibility of storing up to 2x M4 / AR-15 magazines in pre-prepared insert bags (M4 Inserts).


The daemon has an integrated panel for storing administrative resources from cheat-sheet cards to stationery, lightsticks, etc.


The members of the SOLDATO team are experienced professionals who have worked for many years in the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic and have participated in a number of foreign operations.

This product has been tested for you in real conditions, passed the test and is recommended.


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  • Value for money performance, quality usite, light, good mobility
  • He doesn't have a quick throw. Admin pocket is unusable and therefore completely useless.
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Rated option: Low profile plate carrier Démon, LASER CUT, Fenix, lightened, vz. 95

Vít S.
Vít S.
I recommend
  • perfect minimalist cut, easy installation and firm attachment of the plates, the possibility of expansion and "hanging", after setting "on the body" with it you can throw a goat and hold :) shoulder straps do not push under the straps of the backpack (if necessary)
Review from customer from Czech republic Show original

Rated option: Low profile plate carrier Démon, LASER CUT, Fenix, lightened, vz. 95

Filip K.
Filip K.
Quality product
Review from customer from Czech republic Show original

Rated option: Low profile plate carrier Démon, LASER CUT, Fenix, lightened, MultiCam

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