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Ice & Go Bandage, BCB

Elastic bandage Ice & Go can cool injured area up to several hours. Then just dip it in the water and it works again. Excellent helper to your travel pharmacy. Description
14,05 €
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Ice & Go Bandage

An elastic bandage that both, cools and supports the injured limb.

Reduces the temperature of the injured area,, Can be used in cases of sport injuries, strains, sprains and accidents while in the outdoors,, Brilliant way to reduce swelling and to relieve pain in emergencies,, Resealable pouch means it can be reused,, Cools for hours,, Can be recharged with water.


Item number CS117
EAN 7297046113082
Brand BCB
Rating 1.3
  • 2customer reviews

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Šmolík J.
Šmolík J.
A very useful thing in the field, for example with a sprained ankle. Given the price, I expected multiple uses, such as cooling scarves or headbands. The single use is not mentioned anywhere in the description !!! They also have similar disposable products in pharmacies for around CZK 100.
  • Very useful thing.
  • Price. One time use.
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Jiří Š.
Jiří Š.
Total betrayal. For three hundred, I expected a reusable elastic bandage that would just get wet and move on. Unfortunately, it is for single use only and soaking during cooling will only prolong the cooling time slightly. Nowhere in the description is single use mentioned. even in the pharmacy they have similar cooling bandages, but in a hundred crowns. I certainly won't buy it. I can't judge the functionality, I won't try it for three hundred.
  • Emergency packaging.
  • Not reusable !!!!
Review from customer from Czech republic Show original

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