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Complete training kit L.A.S.R. Range, Surestrike Cartridge + Software, Laser Ammo

Now SureStrike L.A.S.R. Range for laser beam shooting practice. The set from the Laser Ammo company contains software, a 9 mm laser cartridge and reductions for 40SW and 45 ACP calibers. Description
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L.A.S.R. Range Training system, laser ammo

SureStrike L.A.S.R. Range from the American company Laser Ammo is a perfect tool for training shooting without "real" ammunition. It works on the principle of a visible laser and a camera that detects interventions. If you are "drying" the weapon, the L.A.S.R. Range will significantly improve the quality of your training. In addition, you will save a lot of money compared to training with real charges.

"Drying" with a weapon is a cheap and relatively effective way of training. But it has one major drawback, and that is that you don't see any interference. You can then have great handling of the weapon, but you will shoot badly at the shooting range. SureStrike eliminates this major drawback because you see a red dot on the target for a short time when you press the shutter button.

L.A.S.R. For the included software, it allows you to select up to 9 destination zones, which are then monitored by a webcam. The software does not need any special camera, just an ordinary webcam. When firing with a laser, the SureStrike software detects the laser pulses and emits an audible tone, marking the point of impact and recording the time. You can practice almost any drill, as if you were at a shooting range, seeing hits and times.

All you need is a computer running Vista and later (7.8) and a webcam with a minimum resolution of 640 x 480. And of course your weapon.

Please make sure to always check the compatibility of your components while choosing any kind of equipment for laser-based practice of shooting.

  • LASR Pro software (can also be purchased separately)
  • 9mm laser cartridge, which is inserted into the barrel
  • 40SW reducer
  • 45ACP reduction
  • Spare battery

This set is perfect for practicing aiming, drawing, reloading and much more. You always see the place of intervention and the time of execution. In addition, the laser is completely safe. The software also works with other SureStrike adapters, for various calibers of pistols, revolvers, rifles and shotguns.

Do you want to really improve your shooting? SureStrike L.A.S.R. Range is the solution!


Item number SSLR-P
EAN 854855003545
Brand Laser Ammo
Rating 5
  • 100 %of customers recommended
  • 2customer reviews

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Martin F.
Martin F.
Overall, I evaluate the idea and the delivered set positively, but it is necessary to solve the problem with the sensitivity of the signal on various targets. I don't know if it is possible to buy large reflective targets, but the product documents also point to the functionality with common targets - I don't know yet where the error is and how to better tune the system. Trade negotiations and delivery without any problems.
  • Great idea, great system for "dry" training, fast delivery, excellent communication with
  • So far, I haven't been able to tune the system to work with targets printed on plain paper; works well only with small reflective targets supplied directly in the set The software recommends using a low-resolution webcam for fast response. At this resolution, however, no details can be seen on the target even from a distance of a camera of a few meters. On the other hand, it seems that even with a regular laptop, a standard HD camera can still be used without losing speed. In the latter case, however, the problem mentioned above persists.
Review from customer from Czech republic Show original
Jiří S.
Jiří S.
Good for training.
  • Quality, well processed. Can be used for multiple calibers.
  • It does not contain a shorter subcompact rod.
Review from customer from Czech republic Show original

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