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How to choose a mat

This article will briefly introduce you to the different types of mats. In the points here you will find their pros and cons of all common types. The article aims to specify for whom and for what use the given type of mat is suitable.

How to choose a mat

There are 3 basic types of mats. The basic type is an aluminum mat (so-called alumat). The standard mat, which almost everyone has at home, is a foam one. The most modern are inflatable or self-inflating mats.

Aluminum mat
  • lowest weight
  • low price
  • small dimensions - space-saving
  • waterproof
  • low insulation properties
  • low sleeping comfort (you can feel every stone through it)

Foam mat
  • great durability
  • works well even if it is pricked or burnt through
  • higher sleeping comfort than on alumats, but lower than on inflatables
  • low price
  • larger dimensions, not very compact (you can usually forget to carry it inside a backpack)

Inflatable mat
  • high sleeping comfort (incomparable with other types)
  • small dimensions (of quality manufacturers)
  • good insulating properties (again incomparable with others)
  • you can adjust the hardness
  • can be used also for lying on the water surface
  • it is not as "foolproof" as a foam one - even if the materials are durable, it can simply be damaged, e.g., when sitting close to a fire (hot carbon that no one will notice until it burns through)
  • theoretically it is possible to damage the valves (this can be prevented by buying a quality mat and proper care of it)
  • higher price


Alumat is suitable for emergency sleeping, otherwise we do not recommend it very much. For those who do not want to take care of the mat, have no problems with their backs and "count every dollar", a foam mat is the best choice. On the contrary, for those who want to have practical storage equipment, sleep comfortably and at the same time not have a giant mat attached to a backpack, the best choice is a modern inflatable mat.

The right decision and choise is on you, e.g., from our range. See the category of mats.

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