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Ballistic insert IIIA for Warrior, Raptor L

A set of ballistic inserts for the Warrior DCS vest we supply. The set consists of front, rear, and side ballistic inserts in NIJ III.A standard Description
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Ballistic insert IIIA for Warrior

Nexus soft ballistic protection package level NIJ IIIa consisting of front, back and side inserts for the Warrior DCS plate carrier. The Nexus Soft Armor Panels are a lightweight, high quality solution and have been specially designed for the Warrior DCS Plate Carrier. They are manufactured in the UK using Dyneema SB51 with a density of 5.3 kg / square meter.

The Nexus soft ballistic insoles are tested and approved according to NIJ level IIIa. They have a V-50 fragmentation of more than 630 meters per second (630 m / s). This means that the Nexus soft ballistics is able to stop 9mm Para projectiles at higher speeds. This value is 30% higher than the NATO standard (e.g. Osprey insoles). The trauma value of the Nexus NIJ Level IIIa soft ballistics averages only 25 mm.

In addition, Nexus Soft Armor has a V-50 of more than 630 m / s, which is 30% larger than the standard NATO edition (e.g. Osprey insoles). This means that Nexus soft ballistics offers a very high level of protection against splinters as well as ballistic protection against small arms and 9mm submachine guns (e.g. MP5). The German protection class (SK) 1 and the American NIJ level IIIA (National Institute of Justice, Research Center of the Ministry of Justice) correspond approximately to the same standard. Both define protection against common handguns, although the calibers used are similar.

  • Weight of side inserts: approx. 506 g / pair.
  • Weight front insert: approx. 570 g.
  • Weight of the back insert: approx. 555 g.
  • Total weight: approx. 1631 g.
  • Made in the UK.


Item number NEX-RAPT-Warrior-L
EAN 8599999491361
Brand Fenix Protector
Size L
Designed Raptor
Type Ballistic insert
Endurance IIIA
Rating 5
  • 100 %of customers recommended
  • 2customer reviews

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György O.
György O.
excellent service
  • Perfect size, very good quality
Review from customer from Czech republic Show original

Rated option: Ballistic insert IIIA for Warrior, DCS, L

Stanislav M.
Stanislav M.
Yes I recommend.
  • Untested - it fits nicely in the way anyway.
Review from customer from Czech republic Show original

Rated option: Ballistic insert IIIA for Warrior, Raptor L

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Produkt Ballistic insert IIIA for Warrior, Raptor L je skladem . Získejte ho za cenu 378,78 € incl. VAT.

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